Comparative Timeline

By kah0001
  • Abraham Lincoln frees slaves

    Abraham Lincoln abolishes slavery laws in southern states
  • Jim Crow Laws

    In 1890 the Jim Crow Laws were created to sperate the white and the African Americans from public faculties , " sperate but equal"
  • White policy

    The white policy tried to banned any non cacasion from entering Australia.
  • Queensland Aborginal Protection act

    Torres Strait Islanders become subject to the Queensland Aboriginal Protection Act.
  • Western Australia Protection act

    The western australia protection act was passed down making every aboriginal and mixed-race under the age of 16 be guardian to the cheif protector
  • NSW protection act introduced

  • NSW Aborigines Potection board given rights to remove Aboriginal children from home without a court hearing

  • Australian Aborigines' Progressive Association

    Australian Aborigines' Progressive Association is formed to help fight back to NSW Aboriginal Protection board
  • The Assimilation Policy

    The assimilation policy ruled by the federel governemnt which allowed them to remove Aboriginal or mixed raced children from their homes and familes to be put into a stay reserve or educated, wether they wanted to or not.
  • Day of Mourning

    The Aboriginal Progressive Association declared a day of mourning since of 150 years of european occupation. This is also many of the first protest for equality and justice.
  • An end in segregation in the Armed Forces

    On 26th of july 1948, President Harry S Turman signed the Executive Order 9981which ended segregation in the Armed Forces
  • Emmett Till

    Emmett Till was an 14 year old boy who was brtutally mudered by two white boys. This murders and case is what helped sparked the civil rights movement
  • Rosa Park

    Rosa Park refused to give up her seat to a white man and was arrested for civil disobedience. This event also helped sparked the civil rights movement and many African leaders were on board
  • Southern Christian Leadership Conference

    Martin Luthur , Charles K. Steele, and Fred L. Shuttlesworth formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Its major force was to organise the civil rights movement and to use no violence.
  • Little Rock Nine

    Nine African American students were escorted to the entrance to the desegregated Little Rock Central High School by national guard troops.
  • Brown Vs Board of education of Topeka Kans

    The supreme court rules on the Brown Vs Board eductaion case, allowing schools to be desegregated.
  • Greensboro Sit ins

    The greensboro sit ins were a nonviolent protest where four African Amercian students went into segregate Woolworths lunch counter to sit-in. Although they where refused service the students stayed there till the store closed. The next day more than twenty African American students particpate in the nonviolent protest. This nonviolent protest spreaded across towns and many other particpated. In many towns cafes and other public places were succesful enough to desegrated.
  • Freedom Riders

    The first freedom riders formed, the freedom riders were a group of civil right activist that rode in segregated buses interstate, to test the supreme court ruling racial discrimination in interstate travel.
  • Commonwealth Electoral Act

    Allowing Aborignal people the right to vote in Western Australia, Nothern Territory and Queensland in federal elections
  • King's I have a dream speech

    Martin Luther King gives out his famous 'I have a dream' speech to over 200,000 protestors who marched to Washington DC, in the largest civil rights demostration ever.
  • Civil Rights act of 1964

    The civil rights act of 1964 banned major forms of discrimnation whether its race, ethinc, nationality, religon or gender in employment or public accomedations
  • Voting Rights Act

    The voting rights act of 1965 allowed southern african americans to register to vote, this act was signed by President Lyndon B.
  • Integration policy

    The Integration policy was created to supposely give Aboriginal more control over their lives and society.
  • Racial Discrimination Act

    Racial Discrimination Act was passed down by the federel government , plus white Australia immigration policy ends.
  • Reconciliation policy

  • Austrlain government apolygise to the stolen generation and say sorry to the removal of children from 1900-1970's

  • Bringing them home report

    Bringing them home report was showed to the federel governemnt coming to conclusion that the forcible removable act was an act of genocide