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  • Hauss, C

    Duh, or the Role of IT in Teaching Comparative Politics
  • Persson, T., Roland, G., & Tabellini, G

    Comparative Politics and Public Finance.
  • Tsai, L.

    Bringing in China: Insights for Building Comparative Political Theory.
  • Werlin, H

    Linking Public Administration to Comparative Politics.
  • Bunce, V.

    The Postsocialist Experience and Comparative Politics.
  • McEachern, P.

    Comparative authoritarian institutionalism, regime evolution, and stability in North Korea.
  • Munck, G.

    Game Theory and Comparative Politics: New Perspectives and Old Concerns.
  • Shellman, S.

    Active Learning in Comparative Politics: A Mock German Election and Coalition-Formation Simulation
  • Landman, T

    Comparative Politics and Human Rights. Human Rights
  • Haynes, J

    Tracing Connections between Comparative Politics and Globalisation. Third World Quarterly
  • Kurzer, P

    Studying Democracy and Teaching Classics: What Is Happening in the Field of Comparative Politics? Perspectives on Politics,
  • Occhipinti, J

    Active and Accountable: Teaching Comparative Politics Using Cooperative Team Learning
  • Russett, B

    Reintegrating the Subdisciplines of International and Comparative Politics
  • Athwal, A.

    Harold Innis and Comparative Politics: A Critical Assessment.
  • Belanger, M.

    From Political Science Back to Politics: Learning to Teach Intro to Comparative Politics
  • Bellin, E

    The Robustness of Authoritarianism in the Middle East: Exceptionalism in Comparative Perspective. Comparative Politics
  • Graeme B. Robertson

    Leading Labor: Unions, Politics, and Protest in New Democracies.
  • Hacker, J.

    Dismantling the Health Care State? Political Institutions, Public Policies and the Comparative Politics of Health Reform
  • Helmke, G., & Levitsky, S.

    Informal Institutions and Comparative Politics: A Research Agenda
  • Randall, V.

    Using and Abusing the Concept of the Third World: Geopolitics and the Comparative Political Study of Development and Underdevelopment. Third World Quarterly,
  • Banchoff, T. (2005)

    Path Dependence and Value-Driven Issues: The Comparative Politics of Stem Cell Research
  • Beckwith, K

    The Comparative Politics of Women's Movements.
  • Blyth, M

    Great Punctuations: Prediction, Randomness, and the Evolution of Comparative Political Science
  • Bowman, K., & Jennings, A

    Pura Vida: Using Study Abroad to Engage Undergraduate Students in Comparative Politics Research
  • Chabal, P.

    Area Studies and Comparative Politics: Africa in Context. Africa Spectrum
  • Coletta, D

    Unipolarity, Globalization, and the War on Terror: Why Security Studies Should Refocus on Comparative Defense
  • Hamann, K.

    What Can Students Learn from the Spanish Case in Comparative Politics Courses?
  • Hanson, S., & Kopstein, J.

    Regime Type and Diffusion in Comparative Politics Methodology
  • Loewenberg, G

    The Influence of European Émigré Scholars on Comparative Politics,
  • Munck, G., & Snyder, R

    Who Publishes in Comparative Politics? Studying the World from the United States