Community College History

By AmalY1
  • First Community College

    First Community College
    The first community college built in the United States was called Joliet Junior College. This college was established in 1901, in the city of Joliet, Illinois. Junior (Community) Colleges grew in number from 20 in 1909 to 170 in 1919.
  • First Community College in Arizona

    First Community College in Arizona
    The first community college, The Phoenix Junior College (now known as Phoenix College) was established in 1920. Arizona's state legislature established junior college districts in 1960. The Maricopa County Junior College District was created in 1962 by county voters, with Phoenix Junior College being part of the new structure.
  • Period: to


    Community colleges grew to become an important aspect of the American educational system, with attendance almost doubling from 2.2 million in 1970 to 4.3 million by 1980.
  • 1st Female President In MCC

    1st Female President In MCC
    Helena Howe becomes the first female president in Mesa Community College. This led the way for more female workers in the work field
  • 2 year programs become more common

    2 year programs become more common
    During the 1980s, community colleges started to collaborate more closely with high schools to train students for two-year vocational and technical programs. This increased student population in community colleges.
  • Student Enrollment hits 220,000+

    Student Enrollment hits 220,000+
    Maricopa Community Colleges becomes the nation's largest community college system, with an attendance of over 220,000 students for the first time.
  • A Grant from the USDE

    A Grant from the USDE
    The Education Commission of the States received a grant from the United States Department of Education in July 1999 to create the Center for Community College Policy. This center is dedicated to the development of successful community college policies and activities. It is the first in the country to concentrate on community college public policy concerns that are of interest to state and national politicians.
  • Open Admissions Policy

    In 1999-2000, 62 percent of public community colleges had an open admissions policy, compared to 7.5 percent of public 4-year colleges
  • Paradise Valley Community College established

    Paradise Valley Community College established
    Paradise Valley Community College at Black Mountain established in 2009
  • EMCC launches new athletics

    EMCC launches new athletics
    Estrella Mountain introduces its first sports programs, which include men's and women's golf and cross country.