Community Based Research Project

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  • Community Partners Present

    Community Partners Present
    The project began. Community partners from various organizations came to our classroom to briefly present each of the projects they wanted to collaborate on with our class.
  • Period: to

    Taller de Jose Community Based Research Project

    This timeline depicts the important events that occurred during our group's research with Taller de Jose. The context needed to understand teh mission of the organization is listed in the following link::
    Taller de Jose Mission, Vision, and History
  • Taller de Jose is chosen

    Taller de Jose is chosen
    In class, myself and three other classmates were chosen as the student research team for Taller de Jose
  • First Meeting with Taller de Jose

    First Meeting with Taller de Jose
    My colleagues and I traveled to Taller de Jose to meet with Sr. Kaathy Brazada and Lisa Monnot (the director and associate director respectively). The meeting resulted in an overall plan explaining two different parts of our collaboration. First, we decided to complete 15 direct service hours within the Taller de Jose office. Second, we collectively decided that our research would require us to seek out bi-lingual domestic violence services to add to their resource book.
  • Direct Service Completed

    At this point, I had completed fifteen hours of direct service with Taller de Jose. This work helped me gain a better understanding of the mission and vision of the organization and gave me a context for which to complete the research project.
  • Community Based Research Project Redefined

    My team and I met with our community members at Taller de Jose to discuss what direction they wanted our team to take the project. After discussion, it was decided that we would located bi-lingual domestic violence resources within the five areacodes closest to Taller de Jose's main service area.
  • First Resource Located

    First Resource Located
    In my research during this day, I was able to make a connection with the Lwawndale Christian Health Center. I finalized a relationship with their maternal health department which offered bi-lingual domestic violence resources.
  • Second Resource Located

    Second Resource Located
    After a visit with the associate director of Sarah's Inn in Oak Park, I was able to create a relationship. The organization offered multiple bi-lingual domestic violence resources and presented a brand new partner for Taller de Jose.
  • Third Resource Found

    Third Resource Found
    In wrapping up my on the ground research, I was able to contact a bi-lingual domestic violence shelter in LaGrange. This was teh first time Taller de Jose had heard of this resource as well.
  • Presentation of Research to Class

    In our second to last class meeting, our group was able to present our findings to the class in the form of a powerpoint presentation. The class offered suggestions about how to improve our presentation for our community partners and commented on teh succes of our research.
  • Presentation to Taller de Jose

    Our group traveled to our research site for the las time to present our findings to our community partners in person. They offered further suggestions for our final presentation and described how valuable the information we collected would be to their clients.
  • Final Presentation of Our Research Findings

    As a conclusion to our research experience, we presented our results, findings, and implications to a group comprised of commnuity partners, Loyola faculty and staff. It was after this presentation that our group handed over all the tangible items of our research to Lisa from Taller de Jose to conclude the whole experience.