Communicative competence

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  • Chomsky's communicative competence def.

    Shared knowledge of the ideal speaker-listener set in a completely homogeneous speech community.
  • Halliday's communicative competence def.

    It establishes a serie of functions that involve the exchange of meanings and occurs when people simply interact.
  • Hyme's communicative competence def.

    Producing and understanding sentences that are appropriate and acceptable to a particular situation.
  • Canale and Swain communicative competence def.

    They defined communicative competence in terms of three components, basic competences largely taking up the model of Hymes:
    *Grammatical competence: Grammatical, lexical, morphology, syntax, semantic, phonology
    *Sociolinguistic competence: Use, discourse
    *Strategic competence: Verbal and non- verbal communication.
  • Liliana's communicative competence def.

    Globalizing construct that encompasses the skills, abilities and knowledge that the language user must use to interact effectively in diverse social contexts.