Communications/ Social media

By 27020
  • 40,000 BCE

    Cave Paintings

    Cave Paintings
    • Drawings can only be seen by people who go to that location
    • Characters to write were later evolved so pictures don't have to be guessed.
    • if resources are found it basically free. In 2023 you could use a pencil or can even draw on your phone.
  • 2000 BCE


    • writing is still used now so its not obsolete
  • 5

    Carrier Pigeons

    Carrier Pigeons
    • It was mostly free to attain one to take care and train of one is another question.
    • It became obsolete because pigeon can only fly so far and sometimes they don't even deliver the message. Training one must have been hard and there was a risk of your message carrier being poached so I personally would not continue to use it.
  • Camera (1826)

    Camera (1826)
    • around 600 CAD
    • Cameras are now made more compact and portable. For example on our phones
  • Telegraph

    • used to signal letters in short beeps
    • You don't have to memorize a bunch of beeps and are not limited to 210 dollars for only 10 words
    • transcontinental telegraph opened, the cost was $7.40 for ten words (about $210 nowadays)
  • Audio transmissions

    Audio transmissions
    Leading to easier wireless transmissions and eventually put into a multipurpose Smartphone it became a more grounded and very vintage device.
    - voice made the paper and needle vibrate. Which were then converted into an electric current that traveled along the wire to the receiver.
    - $1500 ($3,995 in 2023)
  • Radio/Wireless Telegraph

    Radio/Wireless Telegraph
    • Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi sent a wireless Morse Code message to a source more than a kilometer away
    • audio transmission is not as available yet making a wireless telegraph has helped but was overtaken by audio a couple decades later.
    • $120.00 ( today it would be $1,500.00)
  • Televison

    • the first News broadcast was later in 1927 when only an image of a straight line was broadcast. with a person voice
    • $445 ($9,251 in 2022)
    • as technology got more simplistic machines the bulkiness of the first TV has been labeled obsolete
  • First Cellphone

    First Cellphone
    • the first cellphone is nothing like how they are today.
    • $3,995 due to it being the first of its kind.
    • very bulky so it was later found to not be practical
  • First website

    First website
    World wide web lead to about almost all social media and apps nowadays. The first Website is now obsolete because It now provides you with almost nothing that hasn't been explained in an recent YouTube video.
  • Flip Phone

    Flip Phone
    Flip phones are not used due to practicality and as technology advanced it was cheaper to produce even better phones. ex. touchscreen
    - phones are way smaller and more compact
    - the first "Motorola's StarTAC"
    - $1000 in 1996 ($1,572.07 today)
  • Period: to

    Social Media

    • from 1997 to now social media has been brought to the surface and became a major communications evolution
    • high amounts of downloads made them profit but some also evolved to avoid obsoleteness.
  • Youtube (2005)

    Youtube (2005)
    The old version of YouTube is very offsetting compared to know. We can see YouTube evolved their platform to avoid Obsoleteness.
    - free to access
  • Panasonic TH-PX50U series (2005)

    Panasonic TH-PX50U series (2005)
    • In the 21st century is when tv's became more like the ones today. As tech companies sell new models of all their products every year older ones become Obsolete
    • $10,000 in 2005
  • Iphone

    • $499 ($739 now)
    • as phones capabilities increased the software put into the iPhone became **obsolete compared to one of their newest the "14"
    • the first Apple touch screen was launched on June 29, 2007 later leading to the success of their corporation
  • Vine

    when I was little everyone used vine there were millions of compilations on YouTube that I watched but the website refused to take action to some issued and was later put into an archived state thus being labeled as obsolete
    - free to access