Colorado's industries

  • mining

    Mining impacted Colorado by there is not much gold left.
    They need sluice boxes, humans, tools, and shelter.
  • Entertainment

    The good provided is pleasure.
    The impact is happier people.
    The resources needed are eqiupment for sports, bars, and casinos.
  • Beer in Colorado

    Beer in Colorado
    Budwieser beer came to Colorado to give people pleasure.
    The main impact is people got drunk.
    They need glass for the bottles, cardboard boxes, and ingredients.
  • CSU

    CSU came to Colorado to give people educations.
    They need technology, pencils, books, and school supplies.
  • Garden of the Gods

    Garden of the Gods
    Garden of the Gods is a service.
    They provide walks, hikes, and climbs in cool rock formations.
    The resources they need are equipment for climbing and they need rock formations.
  • Hockey

    The service of this entry is entertainment.
    The impact is that peopleget hurt and other people are entertained.
    They need sticks, pucks,
  • Boa Technology

    Boa Technology
    They provide special shoes for bicycle riders.Thier shoes tighten without laces, only knobs.
    The impact is that other shoe companies get less customers.
    They originated from Colorado.
    They need plastic, leather, humans, and land, and machines.
  • Force Soccer Team

    Force Soccer Team
    The Force soccer team came to Colorado to give people pleasure. The need soccer balls, jerseys, and goals, and people.
  • Funovaton

    They provide the service of fun activities that use the human brain.
    the impact is that other businesses get less customers.
    They started in Colorado.
    They need humans, tools, land, and machines.