Colorado Industries

By bbreaux
  • Traping

    The goods that this industrey per vides is furrs . The impact that it had on the oconomy was that it brough people tothe state. the reson they came here is that we have tuns of animals living her. The resourses needed were traps, guns, hunters, water , animals,tents and food.
  • Mining

    Some gooods are ore, silver and gold. The impactit they had on Colorado's econemy was it provided jobs and helped with money and helped colorado become a state. The reson they came to colorado is they ether tride to find work or strike rich by finding gold. The resources needed were miners, pick axes, mines, carts, helmets andsleuth boxes.
  • The Great Western Sugarbeat factery

    The Great  Western Sugarbeat factery
    The good that this company pervides is sugar. The imact it had on the oconomy was that it pervided sugar to the western part of the united states.the reson they came to colorado is that there were big spots of empty land to grow crops. The resources they needed were workers.
  • Bevrage

    The good this company pervides is beer. theimpact they had on the oconomy is the turned colorado into a beer state. The reason they came to colorado is the people her were thirsty for beer. Resources they needed were workers, fields and a berewy grains ,testers and water.
  • Rafting's Tourizim

     Rafting's Tourizim
    Some goods and services are providing moeny to shops and bisnses that they can still run that bisnuses. The impact in the economy is that it is one of the largest employers in the state. The reason they came to colarado was becaus all the snow melt from the mountian make the streams move faster so when you go down the river you go quikly. Some resorses are a raft so you can gorafting,a paddleto help you steer your raft ,lifejackets.water and helmets.
  • Catle and Sheep

    Catle and Sheep
    The goods that this industret pervides is meat, milk and wool. The impact on are economy was'nt a good one. Ranchers though that cows would not drink from the same stream as a sheep did this started therange wars. The reson the peole came here to rase there live stock was that the open range had plenty of space.The resorses needed were catlemen , sheperds,fieids, water and grass.
  • Colorad Springs airforce

    Colorad Springs airforce
    Some services that this indrusty per vides are per tection. The imact on the oconomy is that colorado became a major defense center.The reasons this industrie came here was that the montians hid the base from sight. The reasorces they used were the montian, water ,radar,some people from the air force and wepons.
  • The Denver Broncos

    The Denver Broncos
    Some services are tourizim actractions the Broncos bring lots of people to colorado.The reason they came to colorado is the popultion of people grew and they wanted a foot ball team some resources are a field to play on a football to play whith water, chalk and helmets.
  • Manufacturing

    the good it provides is eclectronics. The imapact it had on the oconomy was that people started to spend alot of time on the electronics. There is lots of difrent kineds of power sorces to experament. Some kinds of resoures are labs, tecnolagest and sircets electricity, water and memory chips.
  • Mining today

    Mining today
    This endustrey pervides goods like coal &copper .the impact it has on the economy is it provides most of the electrisity in Colorado.The reason they came to colorado is to have a job that and help them feed there families.Some resources are miners, mines, tools, suits and drills