Colorado Industries

By 49309
  • Mining in Colorado

    Mining in Colorado
    The goods provided are:jobs, gold, coal, silver, oil, and marble. The impact of mining in Colorado is that the death rates in mineswent very high.The natural,capitol,and human recources are wood,water,earth/dirt,and rocks.Men,bosses,and managers.Hammers,hand drill,shovels,and pick axes.
  • Ranching

    The goods provided are foods like beef ,pork, lamb, and other kinds of meat.The impact to Colorado is that farmers got better business and made a better living.The recources needed are ground,grass,and grass seeds.The capitol recources are cows ,buckets,and livestock.
  • Agriculture

    the goods provided are foods like pears, apples, plums,carrots, corn,patatoes, beets and oarnges.
    The impact of agricultre was that we could get better foods that can taste better.The natural recources needed are dirt,water,seeds,animals,and sun.The capitol recources are plows.
  • Dentisry

    The service provided is helping people clean their teeth.
    The impact is that it prevents gum disease and can help you with other mouth diseases.
  • Beverage

    The reason this industrie came to Colorado is to give us beer and drink wich made Colorado get a new law the reason it is in Colorado is a stow away on a ship started it.The natural recources needed are barley, water, wheat,andothe herbs.The capitol recources are heat, machines,stiring stocks,and kegs.

    The service provided are jobs, and protection.
    The impact was before the attack hit they could warn us.
    The recourses needed are people,electricity, tracking devices, tools, and microchips.
  • Technical

    The service provided are the wheele, car, computer, phone printer, server and microchips.
    The impact is that it gives people a better understanding of how technology works.The natural recources needed are metal,water,and electricity.The capitol recources needed are tools,and pipes.The human recources needed are bosses,managers,and employees.
  • Medical

    The service provided are jobs, good health, less deaths, and reflex testings.The recourses needed are tools, people and saftey.
    The natural recources needed are herbs,water,and leeches.
  • Broncos

    The service provided are jobs,and a new sport. The way the team came into the industries was a business man owned a few horsesand he decided to make a football team.The natural recources needed are grass, dirt, and pigskin/leather.The human recources needed are men, bosses, and managers.The capitol recources needed are pads,helmets,uniforms,and mouth gaurds.
  • Mining

    The goods provided are:iron ore, marble , gold, silver, and oil. The impact is many people have jobs and can make a living. The recources needed are helmets, men ,tools,mines and headlights.