Colony Leaders

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  • Christopher Newport

    Christopher Newport
    In 1606 the Virginia Council gave Christopher Newport sole command of all people aboard three ships set sail for Virginia from England. They set sail in December. Once there Christopher made many trips back to Englad for supplies. He also made contact with the India trib leader and his brother so he could negotiate for provisions for the colony. Christopher was a great leader and Jamestown was lucky to have him.
  • John Smith

    John Smith
    John Smith was a very important leader to Jamestown. He at first was never even considered to be a captin or leader of Jamestown. He was young. He worked his way up to a leadership role by working hard. Also he made peace with the indians. John made friends and fell in love with the indian princess, Pocahontas. Today we have the Disney movie, Pocahontas telling us the story of Jamestown settling, but it's from the point of view of the indians. Today we still remember Jamestown.
  • William Bradford elected Govner of Plymouth

    William Bradford elected Govner of Plymouth
    William Bradford was a great leader who sailed over to America on the Mayflower. He was elected govner in 1621 and held that posision for the rest of his life of 36 years. His leadership was the mostly the reason why the colony survived in the early colony years. If he hadnt helped them through Plymouth would have never survived and we might all still be living in England or still trying to colonize in America.
  • Captin John Mason

    Captin John Mason
    In 1623 Captin John Mason sent two groups of English settlers to start up another colony. They settle in now what is called New Hampshire, and they established a fishing village near the mouth of Piscataqua River. It remained an English colony all durning the colony period, even though at time it came under Massachusetts jurisdiction. They are part of what started and made America today, all thanks to Captin John Mason!
  • Peter Minuit

    Peter Minuit
    New York was bought off from the Indians by Peter Mintuit and some other dutch men. They bought it for 60 gliders worth of goods, in our time, they bought the state of land of New York for $24. The settlement was know as New Amsterdam which is now know as New York City today. If Peter hadn't bought that land we may now of had New York as a state today.
  • Leonard Calvert

    Leonard Calvert
    In 1632 Charles 1 granted a charter to Lord Baltimore. Lord Baltimore wanted to start a new colony very badly on his new land, Maryland. So his son Cecil made sure his wish would come true. So in 1633 Cecil sent out a group of new settlers. They sailed out and their leader was Leonard, who happened to be Cecil's younger brother. Today we may not of had Maryland as it's own personal state id Cecil and Leonard hadn't been such good sons.
  • Roger Williams

    Roger Williams
    In 1635 Roger Williams was driven away from Salam for espousing religious and political freedom. He lived one winter with the indians. After that he bought land from the Narragansett Indians for a new settlement now called Providence. The settlement was a haven for people seeking for their own personal religious freedom. Thanks to Roger Williams for the rights to our own religion.
  • Clergyman Thomas Hooker

    Clergyman Thomas Hooker
    After they had been driven from Massachusetts, Clergyman Thomas Hooker and some followers of his landed in Hartford. They decleard freedom, freedom from all save Divine Authority. But in 1639 the "Fundamental Orders" were enacted to govern the new colony.
  • William Penn

    William Penn
    In 1677 William Penn purchased land west of New Jersey. At the time, the English did not accept Quakers, a type of religion.The Quakers could be arrested, put in prison, and even exicuted for their beliefs. William was a Quaker himself. He proposed a solution. All English Quakers could be emigrated to a new colony specificly for Quakers. The King and Duke agreed and the were off. Thanks to William Penn and his great solutions we have Pennsylvania.
  • James Edward Oglethorpe

    James Edward Oglethorpe
    In 1732 King George 2 granted the land of Georgia to James Edward Oglethorpe who was an English General. At the time the people were worried about Spanish Settlements possibly trying to take over. So the King gave the land to James in attempt to have him protect the land. He prove the King right years later after the Spanish came back after a previous war. The army Oglethorpe provided drove them right back to Florida and they did not return. Thanks to Oglethorpe we still have control.