Colony Cooperation

  • Period: to


  • Mayflower Compact

    Mayflower Compact
    The Mayflower Compact pledged their loyalty to England. It also promised to abey the laws passed.
  • Massasoit

    Massasoit a Wampanoag leader, signed a traty with the Pilgrims in march of 1621. the made this treaty, so that they all could live in peace and harmony.
  • Massachusetts Bay Company

    Massachusetts Bay Company
    A group of puritans formed the Massachusetts Bay Company, and recived royal charter to establish a colony north of pltmouth.
  • Massachusetts bay colony

    Massachusetts bay colony
    Massachusetts bay colony was settled by the Puritans. They were united in 1691
  • Massachusetts

    Two groups from Massachusetts helped settle the colony and were united in 1644
  • North Carolina

    North Carolina
    North Carolina was settled by pioneers from other colinies
  • First Bible

    First Bible
    The first Bible to printed in America was published in the Algonqin language.
  • Massachusetts, Maine

    Massachusetts, Maine
    In 1668 Massachusetts added an to maine
  • Carolina

    The Fundamental Constitutions are issued in Carolina witch provides for religions tolerance.
  • First copyright law

    First copyright law
    The first copyright law was passed in the colinies by Massachusetts