Colonization timeline

  • Period: Sep 8, 1492 to

    European Colonization

    Europeans Colonized North America
  • Oct 8, 1492

    Colombus encounters the new world

    Colombus sailing for the spanish empire encountered the new world for the first time
  • Jun 9, 1534

    Jacque Cartier sailed the St. Lawrence

    Two months after he was ordered to find gold, and spices Cartier sailed into the waters of the St. Lawrence River in eastern Canada
  • Sep 9, 1538

    Hernando de Soto's expedition of the southeast

    He and his men traveled almost 4,000 miles throughout the region that is now the southeaster part of the United States.
  • Sep 9, 1541

    Coronados expedition from Mexico to Kansas

    Francisco Vasquez de Coronado took himself and almost 300 aremed horsemen and foot soldiers across the land between Mexico and Kansas
  • Sep 8, 1565

    Spanish establish St. Augustine, Florida

    September 8 1565 Pedro Menendez de Aviles landed on the shore of what is now called Matanzas Bay and began the founding of St. Augustine
  • Attempted Roanoke Colony

    Walter Raleigh was granted a patent by Queen Elizabeth I to colonize America.
  • Juan de Onate founded Santa Fe

    1598 Juan de Onate went on a expedition and ended up finding what today is Santa Fe
  • Jamestown Virginia founded

    A group of 100 members of a joint venture founded Jamestown Virginia
  • Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec

    Samuel de Champlain and his men discovered Quebec
  • French began fur trade with indians

    Samuel Champlain made the first trade with mainland indians
  • John Rolfe introduced tobacco to Virginia

    He introduced tobacco to people for crops
  • First African slaves arrived in Virginia

    1619 about 20 African slaves were brought over here on a ship
  • Plymouth Massachusetts founded

    The pilgrams founded Plymouth in 1620
  • Beaver wars

    Terrifying and brutal wars fought by tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy against the french and Indian tribes
  • Marquette and Joliet sailed down the Mississippi

    In 1645 Marquette and Joliet went on a journey down the Mississippi river
  • South Carolina Colony founded

    South Carolina part of the original Province of Carolina was founded in 1663 after King Charles II gave land to eight noble men
  • The Pueblo Revolt

    Was the uprising of most of the Pueblo Indians against the Spanish colonizers.
  • Pennsylvania Colony founded

    William Penn founded The provice of Pensylvania in 1681
  • Georgia Colony founded

    Georgoa Colony founded in 1732