Colonization Time Line

  • Period: Sep 8, 1492 to

    Europeoan colonization

  • Oct 12, 1492


    Columbus found southamerica and landed.
  • Jun 9, 1534

    Jacque Cartier sailed the St. Lawrence

    When French navigator Jacques Cartier left France by boat in April 1534, the king ordered him to find gold, spices (which were valuable at that time), and a water passage from France to Asia.
  • May 18, 1539

    de sotos journey

  • Period: May 18, 1539 to Sep 8, 1543

    De sotos Journey

    De soto took many boats and went on a 3 year journey .
  • Sep 8, 1540

    Start Of Coronados Journey

    Coronodo starts his journey from mexico to kansas
  • Sep 22, 1542

    Cornodo Journey Ends

    Corondo dies of an infection but he reaches kansas
  • Sep 8, 1565

    Spanish Establish

    Spanish establish saugstine in florida
  • Attempted Roanoke Colony

    Although the settlement survived, poor relations with the natives and food shortages constantly plagued the colony.
  • Jamestown, Virginia founded

    On May 14, 1607, 100 members of a joint group called the Virginia Company founded the first permanent English settlement in North America on the banks of the James River.
  • Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec

    In Spring of 1608, two ships set sail from France: the Lévier, under the command of Dupont-Gravé.
  • Santa Fe

    Santa Fe was Founded By Juan
  • John Rolfe introduced tobacco to Virginia

    John Rolfe Introuduced tobacco when james town was not doing so great. He afterwards in later year married pocahantes.
  • First African slaves arrived in Virginia

    African slaves come over on a boat. While not much is known about the captive Africans, it has been guessed by many that they were part of a prize for a slave trader heading to the Spanish West Indies.
  • Plymouth Massachuesetts Is founded

    On December 21, 1620, the Pilgrims began a new colony in what is today known as the Town of Plymouth.
  • French began fur trade with Indians

    The French and Indian fur trade began with Jacques Cartier in 1634 and lasted into the 1700s
  • South Carolina Colony

    outh Carolina, part of the original Province of Carolina, was founded in 1663 when King Charles II gave the land to eight noble men known as The Lords Proprietors.
  • Marquette and Joliet sailed down the Mississippi

    Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet mainly sailed down the Missipi River, starting in Lake Michigan and continuing until they reached Arkansas. On their trip back to Canada, they sailed the Illinois River.
  • Pueblo Revolt

    The pueblo revolot consits of some 400 men.
  • Pennsylvania Colony founded

    The Province of Pennsylvania, also known as the Pennsylvania Colony, was founded in English North America by William Penn on March 4, 1681
  • Beaver Wars

    The Beaver Wars—also known as the Iroquois Wars or the French and Iroquois Wars—encompass a series of conflicts fought in the mid-17th century in eastern North America.
  • Georgia Colony founded

    In 1732, King George II, under the persuasion of Oglethorpe, signed off on the last of the 13 colonies.