colonial timeline

  • Roanoke

    Roanoke was colonized on August 1585 by Sir Walter Raleigh approximately 115 English settlers he did for a permanent north American settlement an attempt to harass the Spanish mining gold and silver and shipping.
  • James town

    James town
    James town was colonized on May 14,1607 located in Williamsburg, Virginia by Virginia settlers with an intention of getting money
  • house of burgesses

    house of burgesses
    The House of Burgesses was colonized in 1619 only 2 colonies used it and those were Virginia and Maryland the colonists created it to pass laws and maintain the order in Jamestown and others around it.
  • Mayflower/Plymouth

    The Mayflower was colonized in 1620 by the Pilgrims it got colonized in an attempt for freedom and a new start on fresh land.
  • New york

    New york
    New York was colonized in 1624 by the Dutch it was colonized because of it location and trade
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Massachusetts Bay Colony
    The Massachusetts Bay was colonized 1630 by a group of 1,000 refugees from England to escape persecution and build a religious community
  • Rhode Island

    Rhode Island
    Rhode Island in 1636 by Roger William's it was made for a refuge for people getting killed for their beliefs
  • connecticut

    Connecticut was colonized i 1636 by English Puritans the purpose was to self government in the new world
  • Carolina

    Carolina was colonized in 1663 by British King Charles II it colonized became the English got convinced that there was to be made
  • Maryland toleration act

    Maryland toleration act
    The Maryland toleration act was made in 1669 by George Calvert they believed it would make Massachusetts a better place for people to migrate
  • bacon's rebellion

    bacon's rebellion
    The Bacon's Rebellion happened in 1676 was an armed revolt against the government it was lead by Nathaniel Bacon it was caused by high taxes and low prices for tabaco
  • Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania became a colony in 1681 it was founded by William Pen the purpose was to provide land and protection to Quakers in England
  • Salem Witch Trails

    Salem Witch Trails
    The Salem Witch Trails was in 1692 it was believed that in 1692 2 girls claimed to be possessed by the devil and pointed at people who were secretly performing witchcraft it was a number of people Executed in Salem, Massachusetts
  • Great Awakening

    Great Awakening
    The Great Awakening was in 1720 it was a religious' revival that impacted the English colonies. one of the names is George Whitefield who was involved in the Great awakening some say that it impacted the start of the revolutionary war from "impowering individuals"
  • French-Indian war

    French-Indian war
    French and indian war happened in 1754 it wad caused from Indians fighting for their land and culture but the wars expenses and all the stuff that happened all lead to the American Revolution.
  • Albany plan

    Albany plan
    the Albany plan was in 1754 it was to be place British North American colonies in centralized government it gave the Grand Council more authority
  • Proclamation

    Proclamation happened in 1763 it happened because of losses in the battle of Antietam it was important because it gave slaves an opportunity to free life
  • Salutary Neglect

    Salutary Neglect
    The Salutary Neglect happened in 1775 it was where parliamentary rules were not enforced it led to trade, self government and colonial growth and prosperity.
  • Maryland

    Maryland was colonized in 1776 by Leonard Calvert it was colonized for religious freedom.
  • great migration

    great migration
    The great migration was in 1910 it was the movement of "approximately 6 million black people" it was to escape racial violence and and to get an education and be free.