Colonial Timeline

  • Jan 1, 1565

    St. Agustine

    It was founded by a Spanish explorer Pedro Menendez.
  • Lost Colony

    When they traveled, they got lost and nobody heard from them again.
  • Jamestown

    The three ships, Susan Constant, Discovery, and the Godspeed carried 104 colonists and 39 sailors. They made a new settlement in Virginia.
  • Plymouth

    They arrived in the Mayflower in Massachusetts in 1614. They started a new settlement and left in 1691
  • Williamsburg

    Williamsburg was the capital of the virginia colony from 1633 to 1776.
  • New Sweden

    Was named for the Sweden Colonies origanal place.
  • Pennsylvania /William Penn

    He was a early colonist and sailed to Pennsylvania in 1660.
  • New Netherland

    They named it New Netherland because the people who found it wre from Netherland, and it looked just like their home.