Colonial Time Line

By NRompot
  • Roanoke

    Roanoke was the first English attempt at making a colony in America.The reason why they tried to create a colony was because Queen Elizabeth saw how well Portugal was doing and wanted more money for her country. A man named Sir Walter Raleigh went to her with a plan to send citizens to the new world. He got the funding for this plan from the Joint Stock Company which was a bunch of rich people who thought if they donated money they would get more rich in return.
  • Jamsestown

    Jamestown started with King James giving a charter.This charter allowed them to create a new colony in a new world. They created this colony in present day Virginia.John Smith (one of the settlers) became famous as the man who married Pocahontas. Also he introduced tabacco to the colony. Jamestown was the first settlement in America.Also the first example of government the House of Burgesses.
  • Virginia

    Virginia was the first colony to be formed in America. It was formed because they needed to expand there trade to the New World.The man who was the founder of this colony was John Smith.
  • Plymouth

    Plymouth was started by Pilgrims in search of religous freedom.They sailed to the new world on a ship called the Mayflower. When they arrived before even leaving the ship they created the Mayflower Compact. It was there rules and laws for the country. They were very unprepaired for the harsh enviroment they were going to live in. But one day two indians, Squanto and Samoset, tought them how to hunt and grow crops. And so they celebrated the First Thanksgiving with the indian people.
  • Massachusetts

    Massachusetts was made because Plymouth was formed on its coast. It was formed because of religous freedom. It was formed by John Carver and William Bradford.
  • New york

    New york
    New York was the third colony to be formed in America. New York was made to expand trade for the Netherlands. New York was formed by Dutch Settlers coming from The Netherlands.
  • Connecticut

    Connecticut was the sixth colony to be made in America. It was made for many reasons. Such as profit from fur trade and farming. Also religous and political freeedom.Connecticut was formed by Thomas Hooker.
  • Delaware

    Delaware was the seventh colony to be formed in America.It was formed for Swedin to expand there trade into America.
  • New Jersey

    New Jersey
    New Jersey was the eighth colony to be formed.John Berkeley and George Carteret claimed this land to profit from selling the land.
  • South Carolina

    South Carolina
    South Carolina was the tenth colony to be formed in America. It was formed by a group of eight aristocrats. They thought they could make a profit from selling land and from the new trade it offered.
  • Georgia

    Georgia was the thirteenth and last colony in America. It was formed by James Oglethorpe. He made this colony for religous freedom,protection from a spanish Florida, and a safe home for debtors.