Colonial Technologies

  • Refracting telescope

    Refracting telescope
    Hans Lippershey invents the first refracting telescope.
  • First Submarine

    First Submarine
    The earliest human-powered submarine invented by Cornelis Drebbel.
  • Slide rule

    Slide rule
    William Oughtred invents a slide rule.
  • Blood Transfusion

    Blood Transfusion
    Frenchmen, Jean-Baptiste Denys invents a method for blood transfusion.
  • Steam turbine

    Steam turbine
    Giovanni Branca invents a steam turbine.
  • Micrometer

    W. Gascoigne invents the micrometer.
  • Adding machine

    Adding machine
    Frenchmen, Blaise Pascal invents an adding machine.
  • Barometer

    Evangelista Torricelli invents the barometer.
  • Air pump

    Air pump
    Otto von Guericke invents a air pump.
  • Pendulm clock

    Pendulm clock
    Christian Huygens invents a pendulum clock.
  • Cuckoo clocks

    Cuckoo clocks
    Cuckoo clocks made in Furtwangen, Germany, in the Black Forest region.
  • Reflecting telescope

    Reflecting telescope
    James Gregory invents the first reflecting telescope.
  • Second reflecting telscope

    Second reflecting telscope
    Isaac Newton invents a reflecting telescope.
  • Celebratory Foods

    Celebratory Foods
    The first reference to a candy cane is made. Dom Pérignon invents Champagne.
  • Caculating machine

    Caculating machine
    Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz invents a calculating machine.
  • Microscope and bacteria

    Microscope and bacteria
    Anton Van Leeuwenhoek was the first to see and describe bacteria with a microscope.
  • Pocket watch

    Pocket watch
    Christian Huygens patents the pocket watch.
  • Univesal joint

    Univesal joint
    Robert Hooke invents the universal joint.
  • Pressure cooker

    Pressure cooker
    Denis Papin invents the pressure cooker.
  • Steam pump

    Steam pump
    Englishmen, Thomas Savery invents a steam pump.
  • Long Rifle

    Long Rifle
    The Long or "Kentucky" Rifle is designed. This is a big deal because it uses rifling to make the bullet spin as it goes throught th barrel increasinng accuracy so human wave tactics aren't nessecary.
  • Seed drill invented

    Seed drill invented
    Improved horse drawn hoe that also plants the seeds in uniform rows. Invented by Jethro Tull
  • Piano in Italy

    Piano in Italy
    The harpsicord evolves into the Piano with the help of Bartolomeo Cristofor
  • Tuning Fork invented

    Tuning Fork invented
    Need a way to tune the Piano. Invented by John Shore
  • Atmospheric Steam Engine

    Atmospheric Steam Engine
    The beginning of the industrial work horse. To bad it's just a patent. Thomas Newcomen a blacksmith invented the idea
  • Diving Bell

    Diving Bell
    Edmond Halley invents the diving bell.
  • FIRE! Extinguisher

    FIRE! Extinguisher
    French C. Hopffer patents the fire extinguisher
  • Thermometer

    Gabriel Fahrenheit invents the first mercury thermometer.
  • Flying Shutttle

    Flying Shutttle
    An improvement to looms this allows for a spool to be slid quickly into the weave. Invented by John Kay
  • Leyden Jar

    Leyden Jar
    E.G. von Kleist invents the leyden jar, the first electrical capacitor.
  • Lightning Rod

    Lightning Rod
    Benjamin Franklin invents the lightening rod.