Colonial of North America

  • Sep 8, 1492

    Columbus Discovered the New World

    Chritopher Columbus sailed from spain and landed on the "New World"
  • Period: Sep 8, 1492 to

    European Colonization of North America

  • Sep 9, 1534

    Jacque Cartier sailed the St. Lawrence

    He left france and was ordered to find gold, spices, and water passages.
  • Sep 9, 1542

    Hernando de Soto’s expedition of the Southeast

    Hernando left with 9 ships, 620 men and only 220 survived. pbly a few of these cultures survived
  • Sep 9, 1554

    Coronado's expedition from Mexico to Kansas

    Coronado left from mexico to present day kansas. he also discoerved the grand canyon.
  • Sep 9, 1565

    Spanish establish St. Augustine, Florida

    discovered what now is called matanzas bay
  • Attempted Roanoke Colony

    Discovered present day North Carolina
  • Jamestown, Virginia founded

    founded the first permanent english settlement
  • Juan de Onate founded Santa Fe

    He encountered numerous tribes. He also discovered the great plains and lower colorado river valley.
  • Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec

    He made first accurate map of the coast and helped establish new settlements
  • John Rolfe introduced tobacco to Virginia

    credited for the first successful cultivation of tobacco
  • First African slaves arrived in Virginia

    First slave trade
  • Plymouth, Massachusetts founded

    Became new colony called town of plymouth
  • South Carolina colony founded

    King Charles II gave the land to eight noble men known as The Lords Proprietors.
  • Marquette and Joliet sailed down the Mississippi

    first non-natives to explore and map much of the mississippi river
  • The Pueblo Revolt

    Also known as popes rebellion, They discorved present day new mexico.
  • Pennsylvania Colony founded

    Founded english North America by William Penn
  • French began fur trade with Indians

    Traded fur to make new stuff
  • Beaver Wars

    Series of conflict that was fought to make new stuff
  • Georgia Colony founded

    James Oglethorpe was given a charter from King George II to create a new colony which he would name Georgia.