Colonial Leaders

By jreese
  • Period: to


  • John smith

    Was very important in the survival of Jamestown.
  • Peter minuit

    Bought the manhattan and native american islands
  • William Penn

    Lead the way to religious freedom in the Americas.
  • Johnathon Winthrop

    Johnathon Winthrop
    Johnathon Winthrop was a Puritan lawyer and was a leadingfigure in the founding of the Massachusetts Bay colony. Johnathon Was the governer of The Mssachusetts Bay colony for 12 Years.
  • William Bradford

    William Bradford
    William Bradford was the Governer of one of the most popular colonies of the all, Plymouth.
  • Roger williams

    Helped lead the way to religious freedom.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers of the United States and invented a lot of things.
  • John Hancock

    John Hancock
    John Hancock Was a merchant and a statesman but went on to become a governer.