colonial events

  • Sep 8, 1492

    columbus discovers north america

    Colombus was sailing for spain
  • Sep 9, 1500

    french began fur trade with indians

  • Sep 9, 1534

    jacque cartier sailed the st. lawrence

    Jacque was sailing for the french
  • May 25, 1539

    Hernado de soto explores the southeast

    they found florida on may 25
  • Sep 8, 1540

    Coronado expidetion from mexico to kansas

    coronado was a spanish conquistador
  • Sep 8, 1565

    Spanish establish st. augustine florida

  • engllish attempted roanoke county

  • Juan de Onate founded santa fe

  • James town virginia was founded

    james town was founded by the english
  • John Rolfe introduced tabacco to virginia

    john rolfe sent there first shipment of tabacco to england in 1617
  • First african slaves arrive in virginia

    a dutch man brought the first slaves to america
  • South carolina colony founded

    north and south carolina became seperate colonies in 1729
  • beaver wars began

    the war lasted from 1640-1701
  • marquette and joilette sailed the mississippi

  • the pueblo revolt

    the pueblo indians rose up against the spanish
  • pennsylvania was founded as a colony

  • Plymouth was founded

    plymouth served as the capitol of plymouth colony
  • Georgia colony was founded

    Georgia colony was founded by james Oglethorpe
  • Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec