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Colonial Era (1600 - 1750)

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  • Founding of Jamestown

    Founding of Jamestown
    Was Americas first permenant English colony; helped shaping the government, culture, beliefs, etc. Founded by the Virginia Company of London for King James I.
  • Founding of the Virginia House of Burgesses

    Founding of the Virginia House of Burgesses
    First representative government group in the American Colonies; met for the first time in Jamestown.
  • Massachusetts Bay Founding

    Massachusetts Bay Founding
    Founded by a group of puritan businessman who were coming on the behave of Charles I; strictly puritan.
  • Fundemental Orders of Connecticut

    Fundemental Orders of Connecticut
    Put in place the government of of the Connecticut and one of the first primary documents of the time other than the Iroquois Constitution and the Mayflower Compact.
  • Maryland Act of Toleration

    Maryland Act of Toleration
    Did not bring on complete religious freedom; the act was a solution to the conflict between the Catholics and the protestant.
  • Halfway Covenant

    Halfway Covenant
    Was a covenant put in place that said that any children born into a family of puritan/ christians was halfway puritan.
  • King Phillip's War

    King Phillip's War
    Marked as the last major effort by the indians of Southern New England to drive out the english settlers; unsecussful, just pushed the indians out of their territory.
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Bacon's Rebellion
    Led by Nathaniel Bacon, taking some back woods farmers to the debters court to threaten the judges; led to the establishment from indentured servants to african american slaves.
  • French and Indian war

    French and Indian war
    Also known as the 7 years war, was a major conflict between Austria, England, France, Prussia, and Sweden; played out in Europe and North American. It was mainly the English and French fighting over who gets the North American land.
  • Leisler's Rebellion

    Leisler's Rebellion
    Named after New Yorker, Jacob Leisler, who led a protestant revolt against the colonial authority of King James II.
  • Salem Witchcraft Trials

    Salem Witchcraft Trials
    More than 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft (Devil's Magic) 20 people were excuted; trails were amitted a mistake.
  • First Great Awakening

    First Great Awakening
    Was a period of revivalism that spread throughout the colonies rapiadly; putting more empaisize on the individual and religious experience.
  • John Peter Zenger's Trial

    John Peter Zenger's Trial
    Zenger was a printer whose prosecution helped establish the principles of the freedom of press a jury nullifacation.
  • Stono's Rebellion

    Stono's Rebellion
    20 black slaves met up at the Stono River in South Carolina to plan their escape to freedom; killing two shopkeepers and many more until they were later stoped by former slave owners, as a result a harsher slave code was put in place.