Colonial Era

By lzezza
  • First Slaves To Arrive In America

    Arrived in Virginia.
    Dutch Trading Ship
  • South Carolina and North Carolina Founded

  • Providence Founded (Later Rhode Island)

    Roger Williams
    Recognised the rights of Native Americans
    Complete Religious Tollerance
  • Hartford Founded (Later Connecticut)

    Reverand Thomas Hooker
    First Written Constitution in American History
  • Portsmouth Founded (Later Rhode Island)

    Anne Hutchinson
    Antinomianism-the idea of faith alone, not deeds, is needed for salvation
  • Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

  • Period: to

    New England Confederation

  • New England Confederation

    Plymouth, Massachusettes Bay, Connecticut, and New Haven formed a military alliance to defend from Native American, Dutch, and French attacks.
    Had limited powers to act on boundary disputes, the return of runaway servants, and dealins with Native Americans.
  • Rhode Island Founded

    Portsmouth and Providence joined into one colony
  • Period: to

    Navigation Acts

  • New York Founded

  • Connecticut Founded

    New Haven and Hartford joinded to become Connecticut
    Were allowed a limmited degree of self governement
  • King Phillip's War (Metacom)

    King Phillip (Metacom) and many other Indian tribes band together to defend land that the settlers are gradually taking from them.
    Lasts for one year. Many deaths on both sides.
    After war the Indian pressence is no longer felt as most of the Indians were killed.
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    First colonial resistance to royal control.
    Bacon, a farmer, led a rebellion against wealthy plantation owners.
    Succeeded in defeating the the governors forces and buring the Jamestown settlement.
  • New Hampshire Founded

    Originally part of Massachusettes Bay
    Last of the 13 Colonies
  • Frame of Government

  • Act of Toleration

    Granted religious freedom for all Catholics in Maryland. Later repealed after a minor civil war between Catholics and Protestants.
  • Charter of Liberties

  • New Jersy Founded

    East Jersy and West Jersy Combined
  • Delaware Founded

  • Georgia Founded