Colonal Times Timeline

  • Period: Nov 3, 1200 to

    Ch. 3 Colonies Take Root

  • Nov 8, 1547

    Spanish Armada

    Spanish Armada
    King Phillip assembled a fleet of 130 ships known as the Spanish Armada to defeat Queen Elizabeth. King Phillip wanted to restore the Catholic faith in England. The England and Spanish ships off the coast of France and the English defeated the Armada because they had smaller and faster ships.
  • 1st colony Roanoke Island

    1st colony Roanoke Island
    Abandoned 1 year after it was started. In 1587 it was started again, but no one was able to visit the colony with supplies untill 1590. The colony, by then had disappeared without a trace.
  • Jamestown is founded

    Jamestown is founded
    A group of wealthy people make an attempt to establish an Englsh colony. Some hope to find gold or silver.
  • John Smith takes charge

    John Smith takes charge
    John Smith is sent to take charge of the new colony called Jamestown. Senting new rules, Smith gets the colony into shape. His most strick was "He that works not, eats not."
  • Plymouth Colony is founded

    Plymouth Colony is founded
    A group of 100 Separatists left Holland to form thier own colony in Virginia. These Separatists were called the 1st Pilgrims. A storm caused them to go off coarse and land near Massachusetts. They named thier new colony Plymouth, after a port city in England. Before leaving the ship, they made up a set of rules called the Mayflower Compact. 41 men signed the compact.
  • Massachusetts Bay Company

    Massachusetts Bay Company
    In 1630, 900 Puritans in 11 ships left England to start a company of thier own called the Massachusetts Bay Company. They were led by a man called John Winthrop.
  • Rhode Island becames an establishment

    Rhode Island becames an establishment
    In 1644, Rhode Island recieved a charter from the king to govern themselves. The colony was establish by Roger Williams. They decided to have no established church and religious toleration.
  • New Jersey is established

    New Jersey is established
    Split from Southern New York. At 1st it was a proprietary colony, but in 1702 it became a royal colony.