College History I

  • Apr 17, 1492

    Christopher Columbus signs contract.

    Christopher Columbus signs contract.
    Columbus signs contract with Spain to find Indies.
  • Apr 30, 1492

    Columbus equips his fleet

    Columbus equips his fleet
    Columbus is given royal permission to equipt his fleet of ships.
  • Aug 3, 1492

    Columbus Sets sail

    Columbus Sets sail
    Columbus sets sail from Palo's Spain
  • Aug 5, 1497

    Newfoundland discovered

    Newfoundland discovered
    John Cabot discovers it
  • Sep 5, 1513

    Isthmus of Panama Crossed

    Vasco De Balboa crosses the isthmus of Panama and sees the Pacific ocean.
  • Period: Sep 6, 1520 to Nov 5, 1520

    Spanish vs Mayan

    Spanish Conquer the Mayan people
  • Sep 5, 1521

    Aztec Empire defeated

    Aztec Empire defeated
    Defeated by Hernan Cortez
  • Sep 5, 1542

    Mississippi River discovered

    Mississippi River discovered
    Hernando de Soto discovered it strengthening Spanish hold on North America.
  • Roanoke Founded

    Roanoke Founded
    Sir Walter Raleigh founds it the first english colony
  • Roanoke found deserted

    Roanoke found deserted
  • Jamestown

    Jamestown founded by John Smith. Major crop was tobacco.
  • Virginia Slaves

    Virginia Slaves
    Slavery is introduced to Virginia
  • Mayflower Compact signed

    Mayflower Compact signed
  • New Amsterdam Founded

    New Amsterdam Founded
    present day New York City founded as new amsterdam
  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • Province of Maryland

    Province of Maryland
  • Connecticut Colony

    Connecticut Colony
    founded by Thomas Hooker
  • Rhode Island colony

    Founded by Roger Williams
  • Delaware Colony

    Delaware Colony
  • French and Iroquois War

    French and Iroquois War
    Escalates to full warfare.
  • Period: to

    Third anglo-Powhaten War

  • New Amsterdam Captured

    New Amsterdam Captured
    Captured by the English throught the Second Anglo-Dutch War.
  • Charles town founded

    Charles town founded
    present day Charleston
  • Bacons Rebellion

    Bacons Rebellion
    Led by Nathanial Bacon the Virgina colonist were sick of the kind treatment of indians so they took matters into their own hands. They started to attack them and rebel.
  • Pennslyvania Founded

    Pennslyvania Founded
    Founded by William Penn
  • Salem witch trials

    Salem witch trials
  • The First Great Awakening

    The First Great Awakening
  • Pest House Opened

    Pest House Opened
    Phildelphia opens "Pest House" to quarentine immigrants.
  • First Jockey Club

    First Jockey Club
    First Jockey Club is formed in South Carolina
  • John Zenger is arrested for Libel

    John Zenger is arrested for Libel
    John Zenger is arrested for Libel against New York Governer.
  • Flora is open!

    Flora is open!
    first opera house opened in Charleston, South Carolina
  • Freedom of Press!

    Freedom of Press!
    Jury removes blame of John Zenger for what he said about the govener.
  • The Walking Purchase

    The Walking Purchase
    Runner Edward Marshell finished the walking purchase. bought 1.2 milliion acres from the Lenape- Delaware Indians. It all went to the Pennslyvania colony.
  • Treaty signed ends the conojoctual war

    Treaty signed ends the conojoctual war
    Pennslyvania and Maryland signs treaty to end the dispute of boundries and exchanges prisioners.
  • Lake Michigan Shores found

    Lake Michigan Shores found
    French explorer Veredrye reaches the shores of Lake Michigan.
  • Slave Rebellion

    Slave Rebellion
    Slaves rebelled in Stono South Carolina. Led by Jemmy, 25 whites were killed.
  • First US Magazine

    First US Magazine
    Andrew Bedford publishes the first US magazine called "American Magazine"
  • Second US Magazine works toward publication

    Second US Magazine works toward publication
    Benjamin Franklin works on getting his magazine published.
  • Captain sails to America

    Captain sails to America
    Captain Bering sails to America.
  • Captain Bering Finds Mt. St. Elias

    Captain Bering Finds Mt. St. Elias
    He discovers it in Alaska.
  • Alaska Discovered

    Alaska Discovered
    Danish explorer Vitus Bering finds Alaska
  • Testing of Potatoes

    Testing of Potatoes
    Wilhelm KH Frisco tests his mother's potatoes
  • First Religous Magazine

    First Religous Magazine
    "The Christian History" is created.
  • First Town Hall Meeting

    First Town Hall Meeting
    America's first town hall meeting, taking place at Boston's Fanuile Hall.
  • Louisburg Captured

    Louisburg Captured
    The colonials capture Louisburg from the French.
  • Princeton!

    Princeton Univerisy Recieves it's charter
  • United Lutheran Church of US

    United Lutheran Church of US
    The Church is created.
  • Pennslyvania Miserium is created

    Created in Philidelpia
  • Shakespear in America!

    Shakespear in America!
    First Shakespean play to be performed in America, Richard III
  • St Louis!

    St Louis!
    Founded as a French trading post by Pierre LaClade Ligue
  • John Wilkes and his essay on women

    John Wilkes and his essay on women
    John wilkes gets thrown out of the House of Commons after writing an essay on women.
  • Medical College opens!

    Medical College opens!
    First medical colleges opens up in Philadelphia
  • Treason! If this be treason than make the most of it!

    Treason! If this be treason than make the most of it!
    Patrick Henry delievers speech against stamp act
  • Congress meets in New York!

    Congress meets in New York!
    Stamp Act Congress meets in New York
  • Declaration of Rights!

    Declaration of Rights!
    Stamp act congress writes the declaration of rights
  • John Adams is married

    John Adams is married
    Miss Abigail Smith maried Mr. Johm Adams
  • Fredrick County Rebels

    They refuse to pay the stamp act
  • Queens College gets Charter

    Queens College gets Charter
    Govener of New Jersy, William Franklin, signs for Queens College
  • Disbanded duty on tea imports

    Disbanded duty on tea imports
    Britain disbands the duty of tea imports to the America
  • Townshed Acts passed

    Townshed Acts passed
  • Mason Dixon Line

    Mason Dixon Line
    Finally agreed on by PA amd MD
  • Mustard!?

    first mustard maunfactured in the usa
  • Fire Insurance

    Fire Insurance
    first fire insurance company formed
  • Liberty Song

    Liberty Song
    First published patrotic song
  • 1st medical degree

    1st medical degree
    Dr. John Archer
  • Wesley Chapel NYC

    Wesley Chapel NYC
    1st methodist church
  • Daniel Boone!

    Daniel Boone!
    Exploration of Kentucky
  • US gets a piano

    US gets a piano
    John Harris builids a spinet piano
  • Dartmouth College

    Dartmouth College
    Finally recieves its charter
  • Vermont sepereates!

    Vermont sepereates!
    Vermont becomes independent from New York
  • Amercian Flag!

    Amercian Flag!
    The American Flag is flown for the first time in Battle. Cooch's brigde in New Castle County, Delaware is where it first flew.
  • Articles of Confederation

    Articles of Confederation
    The Articles of Confederation are adopted by Congress
  • Thanksgivinging Day!

    Thanksgivinging Day!
    in response to burgoynes surrender our nation has it's first national thanksgiving day!
  • Spain declares War

    Spain declares War
    spain declares war on britian with US support
  • Bifocals invented

    Bifocals invented
    Ben Franklin invents the Bifocals
  • Dollar for Currency

    Dollar for Currency
    US Congress decides on Dollar for our currency
  • Napoleon Graduates

    Napoleon Graduates
    At 16 he graduated and was 42 in his class of 51. He was graduating from a militatry acadamy
  • Silver Dollar and Decimal system!?

    Silver Dollar and Decimal system!?
    both were adopted by congress
  • Shays Rebellion

    Shays Rebellion
    takes place in Sprinfield, Massachusetts
  • French Revolution

    French Revolution
    the Revolution starts up, the Assembly of Notables is convoked
  • 9th president elected to congress

    9th president elected to congress
    Arthur St. Clair was elected under the Articles of Confederation
  • Shay''s Rebellion put down

    Shay''s Rebellion put down
    The rebellion was put down
  • Free African Society

    Free African Society
    The society is formed in Philadelphia, Pennslyvani
  • US Constution

    US Constution
    is Drawn up in Phildelphia
  • Virgina Plan

    Virgina Plan
    is proposed at Constituional convention
  • Steamboat?

    Steamboat patent issued
  • US Constistution goes into effect

    US Constistution goes into effect
    Thanks to New Hampshire for Ratifying
  • First US Novel

    First US Novel
    Written By WH Brown "The Power of Symphay" is the first American Novel.
  • First House Of Representatives Meeting

    First House Of Representatives Meeting
  • First inaugeration Ball

    First inaugeration Ball
    for George Washington
  • Bill Of Rights

    Bill Of Rights
    James Madison Introduces it the House of Representives
  • End of the War of 1812

    End of the War of 1812
    battle of new orleans ended the war, but nobody knew
  • Oil!!!!!!!

    first oil deposit found in the US
  • Supreme Court Ruling

    Supreme Court Ruling
    They have the right to review State court cases
  • Bank of US Revived

    Bank of US Revived
    Charter renewed for bank of US
  • Year with no Summer

    Year with no Summer
    10' snowfall in New England
  • Baltimore oil company

    Baltimore oil company
    founded on this day!
  • Philadelphia Savings Fund Society

    Philadelphia Savings Fund Society
    First savings bank created
  • 19th State!

    19th State!
    Indiana becomes the 19th state
  • American Colonization Society

    American Colonization Society
  • New York Stock Exchange Company is founded

    New York Stock Exchange Company is founded
  • Hartford Conn opens

    Hartford Conn opens
    First school for the Deaf
  • The Asylum of the Relief of Persons Deprived from their Reasons

    The Asylum of the Relief of Persons Deprived from their Reasons
    Opened in Philadelphia, but now it is named friend Hostpitol.
  • Canal Construction Begins

    Canal Construction Begins
    Erie Canal begins construction
  • Steamboat show

    Steamboat show
    First show, held in Mississippi
  • Seminole War

    Seminole War
    Begins in Florida
  • First Sword Swallower in NYC

    First Sword Swallower in NYC
    Performs in NYC
  • First Educational Magazine

    First Educational Magazine
    academican created in NYC
  • Immigration Law

    First Immigration Law passed in USA
  • First Bicycle

    created in NYC
  • Hawaii is Priniting!

    Hawaii is Priniting!
    first printing press in Hawaii!
  • Liberia Colony

    Liberia Colony
    African Colony made by Americans
  • Liberia Settled

    Liberia Settled
    Settled by free blacks
  • Murders in the Rue Morge

    Murders in the Rue Morge
    Edgar Allen Poe's "Murders in the Rue Morge is published
  • Dentist's are legal!

    Alabama licenses Dentists
  • The Raven

    Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven is published
  • Capitol Punishment is abolished in Michigan

  • Doughnut Created!

  • Seneca Fall's Convention

    Held by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  • YMCA In America!

  • 1st Bronze Equestrian statue in the USA

  • Lincoln Elected

    16th president
  • South Carolina Secedes from the Union

  • Delaware refuses to join Confederacy

  • Florida leaves the Union

  • Alabama leaves the union

  • Georgia leaves the union

  • Louisianna leaves the Union

  • Civil War Begins

  • Fort Sumnter attacked

  • Fort Sumnter affects

  • General Lee takes Command

  • First Battle of Bull Run