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Collective Rights

  • Jan 1, 1535

    The Name of Canada

    Canada is name from the Native Algonquin word for Village, Settlement and Land- "Kanata"
  • Etienne Brule Goes to Live Among the Huron

    Etienne Brule Goes to Live Among the Huron
    In 1609 Etienne Brule was sent by Champlain to live Among the Huron People as an embassador.
  • Period: to

    Europeans Introduce Diseases to the Native People

    The Europeans brought over diseases to North America killing the the Mohawks in 1634 and the Lake Ontario region by 1634.
  • French Indian War.

    French Indian War.
    France and Britain begin to square iff in a final round of struggle in the French & Indian War. The French and Indian War is the common Canadian name for the war between Great Britain and France in North America from 1754 to 1763.
  • Red River settlers establish themselves in Canada's NorthWest

    A group of Scots were sent out in 1811 and finally arived in 1812 and built Fort Douglas.
  • Confederation

    The process of federal dominion. On July first 1867 three British coloniess were divided into four Canadian provinces Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
  • Rupert's Land is Purchased from the HBC

    Rupert's Land is Purchased from the HBC
    In 1869-1870 the HBC sold most of Rupert's Land over to Canada and it was renamed the North-West Territories.
  • Residential Schools Established

    Residentail Schools were established in order to assimilate Native kids to become like North Americans
  • Treaty#6

    Treaty 6 was an agreement that each native family of five would recive 4.45 square miles of land. This agreement was between the Plain and wood Cree Indians and the Canadian Monarch. Other Indian Trides were also involved.
  • Welcome Alberta and Saskatchewan

    September 1st 1905, Alberta and Saskatchewan became part of Canada!
  • Last Federally ran school closes

    In 1996 Canada's Government closed the last federally ran school.
  • Nunavut is Formed

    In 1999 Canada established its 3rd territory from the eastern part of the NWT, making it the 5th sub-divison in the world. Iqualuit was named the capital of Nunavut in 1995.
  • Indian Act

    Amended to allow band members living off reserves to vote in band elections and referendums.