Collaborative Technology Learning Group

  • IDB and CLGT Strategy #3

    Plan for PD and Instructional practice
  • Flipped Classroom Training

    Attend training with several teachers.
  • Prospective Cohort and Teacher IDB

    Meet with prospective cohort and IDB members. Review the master schedule. Prepare planning calendar.
  • Stakeholder Meeting

    The administration team will form the inaugural cohort of Teacher Leaders known as the Collborative Technology Learning Group. These Teacher Leaders will engage in a professional development plan that improves their skills in technology and teaching. The cohort will remain together for three years piloting many of the ideas they have learned and collaborted on.
  • Inaugural CTLG

    The first cohort is announced. The CTLG consists of teachers across the curriculum. The Teacher Leaders will have mutual preps and will meet monthly with the administrative liaison.
  • Announce IDB and Cohort

    Annoounce cohort and IDB members. Lock in master schedule and inform students and families. Discuss with staff the IDB and Cohort. Making classes accessible to all online.
  • Digital Library

    Work with the district regarding the use of digital books. Collaborate with teachers regarding the use of digital books.
  • Cohort Planning

    CTLG will start their journey by first becoming proficient in using Canvas. The cohort members will use Canvas to pilot programs and to create blended learning opprotunities for staff and students.
  • Professional Development Plan

    CTLG will research 3 to 4 professional development opportunities around technology. CTLG will create a Canvas site to discuss their growth opportunites from professional development workshops.
  • CTLG Meeting 1

    CTLG will meet to implement first component of technology plan. This will be decided by the group and will be piloted in their classes.
  • PD #1

    Explore PD options for technology. Create a template for effective PDs and ensure that staff is supported.
  • CTLG Strategy #1

    CTLG will pilot programs and will record their experiences via Canvas. CTLG members will review and revise their first technology strategy. Students will be interviewed and student work and teacher plans will also be reviewed.
  • CTLG Staff Presentation

    CTLG will present their technology ideas to the staff and offer initial training to staff members.
  • CLGT Pullout #2

    Meet with group.
  • PD #2

    Plan for PD and outline expectations.
  • CTLG Strategy #2

    CTLG will attend professional development and begin to utlize the strategy.
  • CTLG Staff Presentation

    CTLG will present their findings on Strategy #2 to the staff.
  • CGLT Planning Pullout #3

    Meet with IDB and CGLT
  • Administration Planning

    The administration team will meet to discuss the professional development plan for teachers and technology. A budget will be created for the systemic creation and support of a professional learning community of teacher leaders interested in leading the infusion of technology into the classroom.
  • PD #3

    Attend workshop or continued coaching model/
  • CLGT Pullout #4 (Data)

    Final planning and reflection. Data reflection. Exit interview with teachers and staff.