cold war time line

  • alger hiss

    alger hiss
    he was a government offical
    he was thought to be a spy
    he served 44 mounths in prison
  • Period: to

    cold war

  • marshall plan

    marshall plan
    it was used to stimulate economic growth
    founded by the us
    it was a plan for economic reconstruction
  • berlin blockade and airlift

    berlin blockade and airlift
    soviot union blocked western allies railway road and canal access to sectors in berlin under allied control
    west allies sent supplies to the people in berlin
    western zones of the city served as gates to germany
  • korean war

    korean war
    for the first time the us helps the united nation troop
    the americans wanted to wipe out communisam
    gernal duglas mc arther led the united nations troops
  • sputnik

    the soviots lunched spudnik
    spudnik was the first artifisal made sattelite
    the US did not like this
  • vietnom war

    vietnom war
    batle of lu drang vally
    battle for hue mass graves found
    the bombing of cambonia
  • u-2 spy plane

    u-2 spy plane
    made for high altitude
    used to spy on the soviet union
    was the plane of choice for spying missions
  • berlin wall

    berlin wall
    made to protect berlin
    it prevented immagration
    5000 attempted to escape
  • cuban missile crisis

    cuban missile crisis
    when the cold war almost became a nuclear conflect
    was a confrintaion between cuba and russia
    13 days long
  • chiness cultural revolution

    chiness cultural revolution
    it was to enforce socialisam
    millons of people where persecuted in the violent struggles
    a social poliical movement in china
  • 1st man on the moon

    1st man on the moon
    neil armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon
    in 1962 john glenn orbets earth
    in 1965 was a russion astronauts leave space crafts to walk in space
  • war saw pact

    war saw pact
    it is a sovit miltary response
    eight communist states where involved
    established by the soviet union