Cold War Test

  • United Nation

    A group of many countries formed to keep world peace
  • Truman Doctrine

    Said that the US would provide aid in a multiple ways in the event of internal or external impeding forces. Encouraged the expansion of communism.
  • Hollywood 10

    Ten Hollywood actors, producers, etc, that wouldn't answer any questions about their accused Soviet ties.
  • Marshall plan

    The US provided aid to European countries to rebuild after WWll
  • NATO Formed

    Alliance made to keep European peace and strength in numbers
  • Korean War

    South and North Korea had an ongoing rivalry and on the date listed the North attacked the South
  • Space Race

    During the cold war Russia and the USA were competing to advance in space exploration.

    (Date as the first time something made it to space)
  • Bay of pigs

    Attack on Cuba by Cuban exiles sent to overthrow Fidel, which failed
  • Berlin wall built

    German wall was built to keep southern and northern german because of their differing ideals.
  • US Enters Viet War

    The president ordered troops to Vietnam to train their military.
  • Soviet Invasion Afghan

    The Soviets sent thousands of soldiers and immediately took military control in places like Kabul
  • Fall Of The wall

    due to social pressure and government changes they destroyed the wall.