cold war era

By wruss
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    Cold War Era

  • Berlin Airlift

    -The soviets attempted to drive the western powers out of Berlin by blocking the rail and water traffic throught east Germany to the city.
    - The airlift lasted from June 1948 to september 1949
    - It brought in food, coal, petroleum, and other supplies to more than 2 million people in west Berlin
  • Communists take over China

    -By December, the communists had driven all of the China's forces from the China mainland.
    - In Beijing on October 1, 1949, M ao Zedong became leader of the new People's Republic of China.
    - In 1952, Mao announced China's first Five- Year plan. With help from U,S.S.R., great progress was made in rebuilding power stations, steelyards, and factories
  • Korean War

    • The war began when troops from Communist- ruled North Korea, invaded South Korea.
    • After the communists kept fighting, the UN asked its member nations to give military aid to South Korea, -When North Korea invaded South Korea, the North Korean Army had about 135,000 soldiers
    • The south Koren Army had about 95,000 soliers, few planes or heavy guns, and no tanks
    • The Korean War ended on July 27, 1953
  • berlin Wall

    -The Berlin Wall was built in 1961
    -it was to divide two parts of the city of Berlin
    - The two sides were the communists in the east and the non- communists in the west
  • Cuban Missile crisis

    -The cristober of 1961is was a period in October of 1961
    - The U.S and the Soviet Union teetered on the brisk of war
    - The U.S leaned that the soviet Union had insalled missiles in Cuba