Cold War Annotated Timeline

By eflomo
  • Truman doctrines-1947

    president Truman's policy to provide economic and treaty aid to countries threatened b communise.
  • hollywood ten 1947

    group of field industry professionals who were blacklisted during the McCarthy era for alleged communist
  • Marshall plan-1948

    USA aided programs to help rebuild war-torn Europe after the WW2
  • Berline Blockade-1948 -1949

    the soviet union blockade of West Berline led to the Berline airlift by the U.S and its allies
  • NATO formed-1949

    North Atlantic Treaty Irganizationsm a military alliance between North American and European countries for collective defense
  • Koreans war 1950-1953

    conflict between North Korea supported by China and the soviet union and South Korea supported by the U.S. and its allies
  • Space race/sputnik

    soviet unions launched the first artificial satellite, sputnik, sparking competition with the U.S. in space explorations
  • bay of pigs 1961

    failed U,S backed invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles in an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro's regime
  • berlin wall gose up 1961

    East Germany construction of a wall to prevent East Germans from fleeing to West Germany
  • U.S. Official enters Vietnam War 1965

    U.S. begins sending combat troops to Vietnam to support South Vietnam in its fight against communist North Vietnam
  • Soviets invade Afghanistan 1979

    soviets invade Afghanistan soviets union military intervention in Afghanistan to support the communist government
  • berlin wall comes down

    peaceful protest leads to the fall of the Berline Wall marking the end of the Cold War