Cold War

  • Germany Divided

    Allies split Germany into war zones ruled by US, UK, USSR, and France.
  • United Nations Created

    United Nations was started as international organization to revent wars.
  • Atomic Bomb

    US dropped 2 atomic bombs on Japan, starting nuclear age.
  • War Starts

    Stalin openly declared the incompatility.
  • Iron Curtain

    Churchhill coined the term ¨Iron Curtain¨ to describe the boundary separating communist Eastern Europe from capitalist Western Europe.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine was a US policy of giving economic and military aid to free nations threatened by internal or external opponents.
  • Marshall Plan

    Announced by Secretary of state George Marshall, a plan to help European countries rebuild.
  • Marshall Plan Approved

    After communists took over Czechoslovakia Congress approved a $12.5 billion plan.
  • New Currency

    The western allies planned to begin circulation of a new currency in their zones in Germany.
  • Aircraft Operation

    The western allies begin the Berlin Aircraft, a massive operation of flying food and supplies into West Berlin to substain the whole city.
  • Spies

    US and USSR begin using spies, progaganda, diplomacy, and secret operations to outmaneuver one another.
  • NATO

    US joined with 10 western countries and Canada to form the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a defensive military group.
  • USSR defeated

    USSR admitted defeat by lifting the blockade.
  • USSR A-Bomb

    USSR tests its first Atomic bomb.
  • H-Bomb

    US developed H-Bomb
  • Another H-Bomb

    USSR developed their own H-Bomb
  • Germany and NATO

    West Germanywas admitted to NATO, resurrecting Soviet fears of Strong Germany.
  • USSR Alliance

    USSR formed its own alliance called the Warsaw.
  • ICBM

    Soviets developed an intercontinental ballistic missile which could hit the US.
  • USSR Satellite

    Soviets use ICBM to launch the first Satellite in space.
  • US Satellite

    US launched its first Satellite.
  • US Plane Down

    A US spy plane (CIA U-2 plane piloted by Francis Gary Powers) was shot down over USSR, and Powers spent two years in Soviet prison for espionage.
  • Berlin Wall

    Soviets erected the Berlin Wall to separate communist East Berlin from capitlist West Berlin.