• Yalta Conference (Churchill, FDR, Stalin)

  • United Nations formed.

  • Period: to

    Germany divided East-West

  • Period: to

    Potsdam Conference

  • US Bombs Hiroshima

  • Winston Churchill delivers his "iron curtain" speech.

  • Truman Doctrine (Containment)

  • Period: to

    Marshall Plan

  • Berlin blockade/Berlin airlift begins

  • Berlin blockade/Airlift ends

  • Korean War

  • End of Korean War

  • French defeated at Dein Bein Phu

  • Vietnam split north and south

  • After French leave Vietnam, US begins training South Vietnamese troops.

  • Berlin Wall built

  • Cuban Missle Crisis

  • First official battle between North Vietnamese and American troops.

  • US declares the war in Vietnam is over

  • Period: to

    Soviet Afghan war.

  • Mikhail Gorbachev becomes Primier of USSR

  • Berlin Wall falls

  • Germany reunited

  • Soviet Union falls.