Cold War

  • Period: to

    Cold War

  • iron curtains

    this divsion was a serious threat to peace
  • truman doctrine

    the turman doctrine was a pledge to provide economic and military aid to oppose the spread of communism
  • marshall

    the marshall plan named after US secretary of state george marshall provide 13 billion dollar rebuild europe
  • berlin airlift

    the berlin airlift was the only way to bring supply into west berlin
  • NATO

    the NATO stand for north atantic treaty oraganzation and it was designed for counter soveit unoin power in europe
  • warsaw pact

    eastern europe alliance known as warsaw pact
  • sputnik

    the arms race took another leap when the soviet union launched sputnik
  • the arms race begins

    during 1960 nuclear war seemed to draw ever closer as the soveit unoinand the untied states raceed to develop powerful new weapons