Cold War

  • The United Nations was born!

    The United Nations was born!
    Created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Was created during World War 2, when the representatives of 26 nations pledged theirgovernments to continue fighting together against the Axis powers. Canada has been a part of the United Nations and served in it for 12 years. Canada contributed more peacekeeping operations than any other member state.
  • End of World War 2

    End of World War 2
    World War 2 was put to an end in various countries. The war in Erope ended in May 1945. German surender was given to the Western Allies (I.E. Britain and USA) on May 8th and to Russia on May 9th. In the East, when Japan surrendered on August 5th. 45,000 Canadian soldiers were killed, 55,000 were wounded. In September 1939, 58,337 men and women were enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces.
  • NATO (North. Atlantic. Treaty. Organization)

    NATO (North. Atlantic. Treaty. Organization)
    NATO (North. Atlantic. Treaty. Organization) is a military alliance based on the North Atlantic Treaty; signed on April 4th, 1949. NATO's headquarters are located in Brussels, Belgium; one of the 28 member states across North America and Europe. For NATO's first few years, it was a political association. Canada was mroe than a member of NATO, Canada is one of the principal initiators of the alliance. Canada was one of the largest military spenders in the alliance.
  • The Korean War

    The Korean War
    The Korean War; a war between the Republic of Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. This war is the primarily the political division of Korea. More than 26,000 Canadians participated in this war, additional tropps assumed peacekeeping rolse after the Korea Armistice Agreement was signed.
  • The WARSAW Pact was born!

    The WARSAW Pact was born!
    The WARSAW Pact is a mutual defense treaty between Eastern Europe's eight communist states. This was also the military complement to the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, the regional economic organization for the communist states of Eastern Europe. Canada's role in the WARSAW Pact is to make ships and aircraft tracked soviet submarines.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    The Vietnam War; part of the Cold War-era. Military conflict occured in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia from November 1st 1955 - April 30th 1975 the fall of Saigon. canada was a member of the International Commision for Supervision and Control overseeing the implementation of the Geneva Agreements at the start of this war.
  • The Berlin Wall was born!

    The Berlin Wall was born!
    The Berlin Wall; a barrier constructed by the German Democratic Republic. The Berlin Wall cuts off West of Berlin from surrounding East of Germany and Berlin. No Canadian troops were involved here, only British, French, Soviet and American troops were involved. The wall was mostly constructed by the Soviets.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis

    Cuban Missile Crisis
    The Cyban Missile Crisis; a 13-day confrontation between the Soviets and Cuba. The Cuban and Soviet governments began to secretly build bases in Cuba ballistic nuclear missiles in August 1962. The issue for the Canadian government was whether to comply with an American request to move Canadian forces to an alert status they call "Defcon 3".
  • USSR invades Afghanistan

    USSR invades Afghanistan
    The Soviet War; a 9-year proxy war during the Cold war that involved the Soviet Union and the Afghan Mujahideen. The Soviets were supporting the Marxist-Leninist government for the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. This war led Canada to sever diplomatic ties.
  • Destruction of the Berlin Wall

    Destruction of the Berlin Wall
    Ronald Reagan' President of the United States planned on destroying the Berlin Wall. On June 12th, 1987 in celebration of the 750th anniversary of Berlin, Reagan challenged Gorbachev (General Secretary of the Soviets' Communist Party) to tear down the Berlin Wall as a symbol of Gorbachev's desire for increasing freedom in the Eastern Bloc.