Coca-Cola Timeline

  • Dr. Pemberton

    Dr. Pemberton
    Position and chemist Dr. Pemberton developes "Pembertons" French Wine Cola
  • Period: to

    Coca-Cola timeline

  • Frank M. Robinson

    Frank M. Robinson
    Suggested the name and penned the now famous trademark "Coca-Cola"
  • Asa Candler

    Asa Candler
    Achieved Sole ownership of the company, at a total cost $2,300
  • The Trademark

    The Trademark
    Coca-Cola used since 1886, was registered USPTO on Janurary 31
  • The First Syrup

    The First Syrup
    Manufacturing plant outside Atlanta was open in Dallas TX.
  • Every state = Coca-Cola

    Every state = Coca-Cola
    Coca-Cola is now drank in every state and territory in the U.S
  • New Bottle

    New Bottle
    Coca-Cola deserved a distinctive package, the unique contour bottle design is introduced
  • Ernest Woodruff

    Ernest Woodruff
    Candler sells the Coca-Cola company to Ernest Woodruff and an inventor group for $25 million
  • Bottle SaLES

    Bottle SaLES
    Sales in bottles had for the first time exceeded fountain sales

    Registered trademark for Coca-Cola
  • Bottle Shape

    Bottle Shape
    Was granted registration as a trademark
  • New Formula

    New Formula
    John Pemberton, Asa Chandler