Coca-Cola Through the Years

By jwagner
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    Coke through the years

    Coke through the years! Watch it develop right in front of your eyes!
  • Coke is invented

    Coke is invented
    In 1886, a man named John Pemberton created a non-alchoholic drink called "Coca-Cola." It is believed he was inspired by the "French Cola."
  • More than one buisness

    More than one buisness
    In 1888, there were 3 other buisnesses who were selling a product like coke. At the same time, there was selling of coke coupons to the public.
  • Coke sells bottles!

    Coke sells bottles!
    Coca-Cola starts to sell botles
  • A new buisness(now the current buisness!)

    A new buisness(now the current buisness!)
    In 1892, Asa Griggs Candler created his own, separate coke buisness with the formula he bought from Pemberton. He was co-founder of coca-cola.
  • Burned Records

    Candler ordered the earliest records of the company burned. (Pic is blank to show no records!)
  • Forged Signiture:True or Untrue?

    Forged Signiture:True or Untrue?
    In 1914, a lady named Magaret Dozer claimed her signature for the sale of the coke formula had been forged. More analizing led to claim that Pemberton's signature on the sale had also been forged! (As in he gave her the sale on purpose.)
  • Coke becomes "Kosher"

    Coke becomes "Kosher"
    In 1935, a Rabbi confirmed that coke was now kosher! :) (Kosher means that Jews could drink it.)
  • 50th Anniversary

    50th Anniversary
    Coke becomes a national icon on it's 50th anniversary. :)
  • Coke Mural

    Coke Mural
    Coke mural painted at this time in Louisiana.
  • Coke cans

    Coke cans
    Coke cans invented at this time.
  • "New Coke"

    "New Coke"
    Coke changes formula to create "New Coke" They change it back after demands and wierd side affects.
  • Coca-Cola Classic to Coca-Cola

    Coca-Cola Classic to Coca-Cola
    Canada changed the name in 2007 back to the original "Coca-Cola"
  • No more "Classic"

    No more "Classic"
    Al coke labels stopped printing "classic" on their cans.
  • Mini can and Price reductions

    Mini can and Price reductions
    In 2009, coke created mini cans. And in September, there were Price changes to coke! Also on that day, coke announced that a 12.9 bottle would be sold for 89 cents!