Coca cola

Coca-Cola Bottles

  • Hutchinson Bottle

    Joseph A. Biedenharn bottles the first coke bevrage in a new kind of bottle
  • Root Glass Company

    The Root Glass Company designes a contour glass bottle that Coca-Cola approves for uses in their factories
  • Six Packs

    Invented by Coca-Cola six packs were created so that people would want to bring their drinks home with them
  • Bottles better than Fountains

    at this point, Coca-Cola was selling more bottles product than soda fountain product
  • Different sized bottles

    For the first time, Coca-Cola was starting to sell larger sized bottles
  • Recyclable Bottles

    the PET bottle was replacing all of the glass bottles. it was recyclable, and was more affordable
  • Aluminum Bottles

    A new aluminum bottle was launched with a contour design
  • Green Bottles

    The new and innovative "PlantBottle" was a new completely recycleable and green bottle that the company started to use
  • Name your Bottle

    Coca-Cola began putting common names onto cans and bottles in order to promote the "share a coke" campaign