Cloverdale Elementary 2020 Timeline Projections

Timeline created by mallanie
  • Technology Upgrade

    All K-5 Classes will replace all desktops with laptop/tablet conversion devices
  • Remodeling of School

    Remodeling of School
    Complete modernization of the school with building upgrades, technology, parking reconfiguration.
  • Virtual Writing

    Virtual Writing
    All 2-5 classrooms will use Google Docs or other online writing tools to complete and share all assignments with teachers or their class.
  • Learning Environment Innovation

    Learning Environment Innovation
    Pilot one 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade class with a 21st design without traditional desks/chairs, but hi-low tables, chairless tables, lab area, and "comfy" chairs decided upon from a focus group of students and parents.
  • Parent University

    Parent University
    Create a Parent Learning Networking system focused on parenting, academic, financial, language acquisition, and/or leadership courses hosted at the school site.