Clock Evolution Project

Timeline created by AP1215
  • 100

    Sun Dial

    Sun Dial The sun dial was the very first device mankind used to tell time. The Egyptians were the first to create and use this device. They invented it at about 100 AD. The sun dial worked by creating a shadow from the sun that was used to line up with a line written with a certain time of day.
  • 128

    The Water Clock

    The Water Clock Invented by the Persians in 328 AD, the water clock is a type of device that involves water pouring into or out of a bowl through a small hole constantly. The time the water constantly travels is then measured to be put into time. The most common type of water clock was having the water of in one bowl empty out into something that would catch the water.
  • 520

    The Candle Clock

    The Candle Clock Invented by the Chinese in 520 AD, a candle clock works by having either a wax candle or a stick of incense starting at a certain height and melts to a lower height. This tells how long it has been since it has been lit by measuring its height. These there are examples of how people used a frame, like in the picture, to measure the height of the candle, or they would have the height writt
  • Nov 6, 1285

    The Weight Clock

    The Weight Clock Invented in Europe, the weight clock was the first mechanical clock ever created. It invovled having weights to use the force of gravity to help turn gears in the clock. The first public one appeared around 1335 A.D. in Milan, Italy.
  • Dec 9, 1510

    The spring-driven clock The spring-driven clock, built in 1510, was the first successful mechanical clock. It was originally constructed by Peter Henlein, a German engineer. This was also the first portable clock, and it later turned into the first watch by having a piece of string tied around the wrist.
  • The Cukoo Clock

    The Cukoo Clock The cuckoo clock was invented by Mr Franz Kettler in Germany in 1630. It was the first mechanical clock that could display time and create a sound at a certain time. Today, these clocks are very valuable and cost thousands of dollars.
  • quartz clock

    quartz clock The quartz clock, invented by Warren A Marrison in 1927, is the type of analog clock used in the modern age. It works by having a battery to send electric currents through a coil to cause a vibration. The quartz clock is also the most common type of clock used for time keeping.
  • Atomic Clock

    Atomic Clock The atomic clock was invented in England from the production of many scientists in 1949. It was a type of clock that used electromagnetic waves to track the time unlike the standard analog clock. It is far too dangerous to use in public due to its radiation, but it is still used for science and business due to how accurate it is.