Cliff Burton

  • Cliff Burton was born.

    Cliff Burton was born.
    Cliff Lee Burton was born at 9:38, on Febuary 10th, 1962. He was born in Castro Valley, California to his parents Jan and Ray Burton. Cliff had two sibblings named Connie and Scott.
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    Learned to play piano

    Cliff started to learn his first instrument. his first insrtument was piano, cliff didnt start as a metal fan, he liked all sorts of genres like classical for example.
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    Cliff Burtons poem "To live is to die"

    When a man lies, he murders some part of the world
    These are the pale deaths, which men miscall their lives
    All this I cannot bear to witness any longer
    Cannot the kingdom of salvation, take me home
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    Cliff's Quote about perfomance.

    Why should we change onstage? We're not trying to be something big and fancy, it's just us, doing what we do, we'd like to keep it that way.
  • Metallica released their first album.

    Metallica released their first album.
    Metallica released their debut album along with cliff as their bass guitarest. the album consists of 10 songs including the single "Seek and Destroy".
  • Cliff B

    Cliff B
    septmber 27th in 1986 the bus crashed and cliff died. The driver "hit" a patch of black ice and lost controll of the bus. the bus flipped over. James heitfeild(the lead singer) walked miles back and couldnt find any ice. the driver is believed to have been drunk or asleep while driving. no charges were pressed.
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    Lars' Quote about Metallica after Cliff died.

    "You could certainly argue that me and James at that time were more kind of the squarer guys, because we were more like, 'Motorhead, Iron Maiden!' Heavy metal T-shirts, and long hair and bang our heads into the wall."
  • Among the living- Anthrax

    Among the living- Anthrax
    This album was made as a tribute to cliff after his death. the album was released in March 22, 1987
  • In my darkest hour-Megadeth

    In my darkest hour-Megadeth
    Dave Mustain, lead vocalist of megadeth, wrote a song in memorial of the death of metallicas former bassist. Cliff was a former band member of Daves. Before Dave was kicked out of Metallica. the song was released January 19th 1988
  • To live is to die-Metallica

    To live is to die-Metallica
    Metallica wrote this song in honnor of cliff, he wrote the poem to live is to die and the riffs were written by cliff himself. the song was written in August 25, 1988. The poem is as follows
    "When a man lies he murders"
    "Some part of the world"
    "These are the pale deaths"
    "Which men miscall their lives"
    "All this I cannot bear"
    "To witness any longer"
    "Cannot the kingdom of salvation"
    "Take me home?"