Classroom Technology Over the Years

By mrfox11
  • The Overhead Projector

    The Overhead Projector
    Used by the Military and Schools during World War II. Allowed for visuals and easy to understand lessons.
  • MimeoGraph

    Made copies through a hand cranked mechanism. This allowed for teachers to save time and make copies for students so that they could follow along and/or compelete assignments together.
  • Audio Visual materials and Equipment

    Audio Visual materials and Equipment
    Helped students communicate and understand lessons, ideas, and topics. Allowed for easier comprehension and understanding.
  • Photographic Copy Machine

    Allowed for mass production of copies in short time span. Gave teachers the power to teach lessons in shorter amount of time.
  • Hand Held Calculator

    Hand Held Calculator
    Lets students equate simple mathmatical equations. Helped with understanding of mathmatics.
  • Video Cassette Recorder

    Video Cassette Recorder
    Allowed students and teachers to record sound for extended periods of time and play them back at a later time. Helped with studying for exams and quizes
  • VCR's

    Allowed for instruction through Movies and Shows. Gave students visual learning and access to views accross the world through documentaries.
  • Computer's

    Although created in the late 70's there were introduced to schools in the early 90's. Aloowed students to get advanced knowledge and application in lessons. Gave teachers an easier way to organize and create lessons.
  • WWW.

    The world wide web is introduced into schools and give students unlmitied resources. Helps teachers find wide range of resources for lesson ideas.
  • Flash Drives

    Flash Drives
    Easily allows students to transfer files to memory space. Makes transfering files from computer to computer not as time consuming as floppy discs.
  • Ipad

    Allows for students to have mobile tablet computer. Gives students ability to learn on the go, gives teachers ability to incorporate learning anywhere at anytime