Classical Era

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  • Jean-Philippe Rameau

    Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764) was a French composer and in 1722, Rameau " Treatise on Harmony" the beginning of ideas of modern music theory.
  • The Classical Era (1730-1810)

    The Classical Era was developed in 1730, Franz Joseph Hayden was credited as the primary.
  • Genres commonly composed

    In the Classical Era, the genres commonly composed " Symphonies, Sonata, Concertos, Chamber music, Sacred music, Opera, string quartets and serenades.
  • Musical Stylistic traits of Classical music

    The Traits of the Classical era, singable melodies, Symmetrical phrasing, easier harmonies, slower harmonic rhythms and was accompaniment figures.
  • Major historical/significant events ( The war of Austrian Succession)

    In 1740, the king of Prussia, Frederick II was convinced that Austria was weak at that time and sends troops to take possession of Silesia. This conflict was Known as " The war of Austrian Succession"
  • Chamber Music

    Chamber music was the golden age in the Classical Era, the string Quarter one of the most important chamber genres.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart studies

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart studied under the influence of Sammartini and other symphonists. Mozart learned current styles in Vienna in 1773
  • Classical Piano

    The first patented version of the piano was in London 1777, and most piano today, they pointed of the invention of the "first pianoforte by Bartolomeo Cristofori in Florence.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart contribution

    Mozart changed the Classical era with his talent, throughout 1771-80, Mozart used the form of Symphonic and chamber pieces.
  • Trumpet

    "Trumpet Concerto in E-Flat Major" was Haydn's concerti and during that era, the trumpet had no real valves in the 1780. The manuscript was lost during 1800 but was rediscovered in1929
  • Empfindsamkeit

    The Style of Empfindsamkeit desired to be " above all, simple and expressive of natural feeling. Primary composer who used this style was Carl Philipp Emanuel.
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791), the most recognizable face in the classical era till to this day, known for being a prodigy in that era, Mozart was studied under numerous teacher, including his father Leopold Mozart. Mozart was born in Salzburg and died in Vienna at the age of 35