Clara's Supercalifragilistic Calculus Journal

  • Doctor Who and the Power Series

    Doctor Who and the Power Series
    This was an episode of Doctor Who in the 1960s (yeah it's really old) where the Doctor teaches an archeologist how to do a power series. It doesn't get any more golden than this. Go 2 minutes into the video to experience the mathemagic.
  • Secx, Integrals and such

    Secx, Integrals and such
    I totally had a re-epiphany today about how you can split (secx)^2tanx into secx*secxtanx. Makes integration so much easier.

    Getting ready for the test on polar functions that will take place tomorrow. Doing that awesome review paper Mr. Hyman handed out today.
  • Polar Hindsight

    Polar Hindsight
    I realised today that I probably should have known a little more about converting more complex polar functions into rectangular equations. Like quadratics...
  • Studying Multiple Choice

    Studying Multiple Choice
    Hard at work on all of the multiple choice review Mr. Hyman has given us. Lots I need to review on series and sequences.
  • Partner Pratice Test

    Partner Pratice Test
    Working with a partner in Calculus can be challenging when the individuals have opposing ideas. There was some argument over how to find the average value of a function, and I still don't know if I screwed us over by filling in the wrong answer...
  • Take Home Test

    Take Home Test
    I am finally finishing the last of the take-home test tonight and the last free response parts of the test we were doing in class. All the multople choice questions I skipped were of Series/Sequences. Clearly, I know what I need to study.
  • Advanced Integration Techniques

    Advanced Integration Techniques
    I worked on my homework on Advanced Integration Techniques tonight. I love doing Integration by Partial Fractions when your final answer ends up being a nice neat natural log of something. Or doing Integration by Parts on something like xe^x that is also really simple to solve using the tabular method.
  • Totally sick

    Totally sick
    Occasionally I still have dreams about calculus, or wake up in the morning and I am so disoriented because I'm so intent on solving a math problem that never even existed. On this day, I was sick, but still worked on some of my multiple choice and free response that are due on Friday.
  • Yeah

    The Thinker knows what's up. Sorting through some old AB Calculus notes. Ah, the memories: the chain rule, mins and maxes, volume and such.
  • What Would You Do?

    What Would You Do?
    Enjoyed my first day back in Calc class in four days. I got a chance to look over my Take Home Test and assess what I need to study: mostly differentiation techniques and infinite series. Also looked over the green "What Would You Do" in a cetain calc situation worksheet. Fun.
  • The Eve

    The Eve
    It's the night before the AP test and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse... Except for Clara who is up re-reading her KYSC sheet at one last attempt to prepare for the big test tomorrow. Going through every formula I must memorize in my head, organizing categorically and by measure of importance. Yay importance.
  • The Superbowl

    The Superbowl
    The last post is supposed to be how we felt about the AP test, right? I FEEL AMAZING. It might just be because I got the test that matters the most to me out of the way, but I actually do feel really confident about my answers. It was all stuff I knew! There were a lot of AB Calc oriented questions, a couple on advanced integration, polar graphs, taylor series, and very few on infinite series (which I'm very happy about).So yaaaayyy.