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CIVIL WAR TIMELINE! By: Papanikolaou and Mendez

By missb
  • Fort Sumter

    Fort Sumter marked the begining of the Civil War
  • Bull Run

    The frist real battle of the civil war
  • Union Blockade

    The Union navy blocked by the summer of 1862. This stoped all trade and imports of any goods
  • Battle of Glorieta Pass

    texas soldiers recalled the batlle and Union forces kept control of the south west for rest of the war
  • battle of Shiloh

    Ulysses S. Grant got the upper hand by winning
  • Battle of gettysburg

    turning point in the war, the Canfederacy won
  • Antietem

    Robert E. Lee clashed with the union and took a win
  • Emacipation Proclomation

    was issued in 1863 stated that all slaves were free in the southern or slave states that were joined in the confederacy
  • Battle of galveston

    the Union navy had located the Texas ports causeing the cinfederate forces
  • Siege of Viicksberg

    Ulysses S. Grant began the seige of Vicksburg. town surrender in 1863
  • Battle of Sabine Pass

    the union sent an expedition in the confederate controlled texas begining the battle of Sabine Pass
  • Red River Campaign

    Red river campaign carried out until may 22 and one of the goals of the campaign was to destroy confederate forces controlled by general taylor
  • Lee's surender

    With Lee's men weak and exhausted, the only choice was to surrender becuase of the Union forces that surrounded every inch around them ready to fire.
  • Battle at Palmito Ranch

    Confederate forces clash with Union soilders. The Confederacy won, capturing 100 prisinors (in Brownsville)