civil war timeline - adamson

  • Period: to

    civil war time span

    united states civil war
  • abraham lincoln is elected president

    abraham lincoln is elected president
    he is from the north and wanted to put an end to slavery
  • south carolina secedes from the union

    south carolina secedes from the union
    in 1860, the state of South carolina officially withdraws from the U.S.
  • kansas added to the union

    kansas added to the union
    admitted as a state; as a free state than a slave state
  • confederation formed

    confederation formed
    southern states form own country called confederate states of america; jefferson davis as president
  • Lincoln becomes president

    Lincoln becomes president
    he is in office and wants to restore the union
  • civil war begins

    south attacks fort sumter and starts the war
  • fort sumter

    fort sumter
    the site of the first shots of the civil war in south carolina
  • more states leave the union

    virginia, north carolina, tennessee, and arkansas all leave the union to join confederacy
  • union blockade

    union blockade
    lincoln announces blockade where the union navy keeps supplies from entering or leaving the confederacy
  • robert e. lee resigns his commission

    robert e. lee resigns his commission
    he resigns his commission in the army and is then offered command of military and naval forces and accepts
  • lincoln requests army

    he addresses congress to request enlistment of a union army
  • first bull run

    first bull run
    union suffers a defeat at bullrun causing union to go back to washington
  • moniter vs merrimack

    moniter vs merrimack
    confederate uss merrimack battles the union uss monitor changes naval warfare forever
  • battle of shiloh

    battle of shiloh
    union general grant's forces are surprised in tennesse; 13,000 union and 10,000 confederate casulaties (more than in all previous wars combined)
  • seven days battle

    seven days battle
    general lee and general mcclella; lee might extend the war from june 25 to july 1
  • second battle of bull run

    second battle of bull run
    general john pope led 70,000 union troops back to bull run
  • antietam

    bloodiest day in u.s. military history; 26,000 men dead, wounded, or missing; general lee withdraws to Virginia
  • preliminary emancipation

    preliminary emancipation
    lincoln issues a prelimnary emancipation proclamation which declares his intentions to free all slaves
  • fredericksburg

    123,000 union troops vs 78,000 confederate troops fight in the largest civil war battle yet
  • emancipation proclamation

    emancipation proclamation
    lincoln issues an order of freeing the enslaved
  • general grant is in command of the army

    general grant is in command of the army
    he has orders to capture Vicksburg
  • northern tide turns

    beginning of 1863 needed to replace fallen soldiers on both side; and made men from 20-45 yrs old mandatory for the service
  • stonewall jackson dies

    stonewall jackson dies
    confederate general dies from wounds when he was mistakenly shot by his own troops
  • battle of gettysburg

    battle of gettysburg
    major battle where the north won and starts to win civil war
  • pickett's charge

    pickett's charge
    general Lee orders general pickett to assault entrenched union positions which more than half of 12,000 confederate soldiers walked into gun fire from july 1-july, 4
  • draft riots

    draft riots
    the government attempts conscription and riot breaks out; in NY 120 men, women and children are killed from july 13 - july 16.
  • battle of chickamauga

    battle of chickamauga
    general rosecrans is deafeated by general bragg in tennesse
  • virginia campaign

    virginia campaign
    grant and 120,000 troops march south towards richmond over the next six weeks a war of attrition causes 50,000 casulties of union soldiers
  • battle of the wilderness

    battle of the wilderness
    thousands of men burn to death
  • battle of spotsylvania

    battle of spotsylvania
    general grant attacks Lee's confederate forces and grant loses more soldiers which lee is forces to retreat south
  • battle of cold harbor

    battle of cold harbor
    7,000 union deaths in 20 minutes
  • siege of petersburg

    siege of petersburg
    south of richmond the beginning of a ninemonth siege
  • sherman captures atlanta

    sherman captures atlanta
    general sherman captures atlanta
  • battle of nashville

    battle of nashville
    confederate army is crushed by union army
  • savannah captured

    savannah captured
    ending the march to the sea, union general sherman offers the city to Lincoln as a "christmas presnet'.
  • 13th amendments ends slavery

    13th amendments ends slavery
    the emdnment is approved by the u.s. congress and this abolishes slavery
  • freemans bureau

    freemans bureau
    a releif of freemen and refugees; provides necessities to displaced southerners and newly free african americans as well as giving them land
  • second linocln inaugural

    second linocln inaugural
    lincoln is sworn in for his second term as the president
  • richmond falls

    richmond falls
    union army captures richmond
  • general robert e. lee surrenders

    general robert e. lee surrenders
    leader of confederate army surrenders at the appomattox court house
  • lincoln is assassinated

    lincoln is assassinated
    john wilkes booth shoots lincoln at fords theater
  • johnston surrenders

    johnston surrenders
    general johnston who is leading the largest confederate army in existense surrenders in North Carolina
  • the ku klux klan was formed

    their goal was to contunue to support the idea that white people are superior to black people
  • black codes

    black codes
    this restricted black peoples right to own propety, businesses, buy and lease land, and move freely
  • 14th amendment

    14th amendment
    the fourteenth amendment includes equal rights as citizens to all born in the USA
  • reconstruction acts of 1867

    these outlined terms for readmissions to represent "rebel states"
  • purchase of alaska

    purchase of alaska
    for 7.2 million this added 586,412 square miles to the U.S.