Civil War Timeline

Timeline created by Illicitus
  • Lincoln was elected to congress.

    Lincoln was elected to congress.
    He was elected and during the first year, the Mexican American war ended.
  • The Wilmot Proviso

    The Wilmot Proviso
    The representative of Pennsylvania had proposed the Wilmot Proviso. It suggests that Slavery be banned in any territory acquired through the Mexican American War.
  • The Election of 1848

    The Election of 1848
    When the Wilmot Proviso failed, a new political party formed. The free soil party, they wanted to keep new territories free of slavery.
  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    North made the Fugitive Slave Act as a way of making the South more docile.
  • Election of 1850

    Election of 1850
    James Buchanan became president.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Kansas-Nebraska Act
    This act organized the Kansas and Nebraska areas and to solve the issue made it popular sovereignty. This agitated Northerners weakened the Democrats and nulled the Whig Party.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Bleeding Kansas
    During this time, territorial elections happened primarily in Kansas. Thousands of border ruffians crossed the border to vote from the slave state of Missouri.
  • Bleeding Sumner

    Bleeding Sumner
    Violence broke out in Congress after Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts criticized people who were pro-slaves.
  • Republican Party of the Election of 1856

    Republican Party of the Election of 1856
    Democratic and Whig parties were splitting on sectional lines. The Whigs decided to join the Republican party.
  • Dredscott Decision

    Dredscott Decision
    Supreme Court Case. A man attempted to sue for being a slave and his wife / 2 daughters unsuccessfully.
  • The Lincoln Douglas debates

    The Lincoln Douglas debates
    lincoln came home to practice law, he was stunned by the kansas-nabraska act
  • John Brown´s Raid

    John Brown´s Raid
    Abolitionist John Brown planned a raid on U.S. arsenal.
  • The Raid on Harper´s Ferry

    The Raid on Harper´s Ferry
    John Brown led a raid, this time in Virginia, Harper´s Ferry. On October 16th 1859, his abolitionists raided an arsenal so that slaves may be armed during the War.
  • the election of 1860

    the election of 1860
    Lincoln and Douglas meet again for the presidential race of 1860.
  • Attempt at compromise; fail.

    Attempt at compromise; fail.
    As the North and the South drew further apart, some Americans sought ways to resolve the crisis and avoid war.
  • Reactions to Secession

    Reactions to Secession
    Many southerners opposed secession. the decision to secede was made by state conventions.
  • The creation of the Confederacy

    The creation of the Confederacy
    The confederacy soon faced challenges and many internal disagreements, It had no currency nor any job of printing confederate money.
  • The Confederate States are made!!

    The Confederate States are made!!
    South Carolina, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and Georgia all seceded. They established as the Confederate States.
  • Lincoln´s Inaugural Adress

    Lincoln´s Inaugural Adress
    Lincoln inaugurated in March 4th, 1861. His main points were: Slavery shouldn't spread, Federal property in South is still federal property.
  • Fort Sumter; Civil War begins

    Fort Sumter; Civil War begins
    This marked the beginning of the Civil War. In response, Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers to serve in the army for 90 days.