Civil War TImeline

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    Time span of the Civil War
  • Abraham Lincoln elected president

    Abraham Lincoln elected president
    Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th president and that ment the he was in control of the US with his fresh ideas for the United States. The significance to his electon was that he had many opions about slavery and he fought for it to be banned all throught the United States. Was a change and a point of view that not a lot of people saw until he became president.
  • Battle at Fort Sumter

    Battle at Fort Sumter
    Fort Sumter was the offical 1st battle of the Civil War. The Union was trading supplies and the Confederates came and started attacking the Unions ships. Occured in the Charleston Harbor. Significance was that this was the beginning of the war and that made a huge impact to where the Union and the Confederates had their sides and idea's about slavery. This was a huge lost for the Union because not only did they attack them but 2 were killed and 9 wounded
  • Union orders Blockade of the South

    Union  orders Blockade of the South
    The Blockade of the South was when the Union blockaded all of the South territories so that they were compressed into to their region. The south was trapped and they couldn't get leave with out encountering the Union troops. The significance to the Blockade was that the South wasn't able to make any plans to try to come back at the Union It was a huge accomphlishment to the Union knowing the South couldn't defend them-self
  • 1st Battle of Bull Run

    1st Battle of Bull Run
    First major land battle! The Union marched right behind bull run and attacked the Confederates. The battle got very disorganized and started many deaths that Lincoln decided that they had to surrender. They must surrender because the battle was to costly and both sides would take to long to fight it out. The significance of the Battle of Bull Run was that the Confederates did win the victory which made the Union fight even harder knowing that they couldn't do much about their situation.
  • Monitor vs. Virginia naval battle

     Monitor vs. Virginia naval battle
    This is a very imporant battle because it's the first War with Ironclads and the battle took over 2 days. The Conderderates had an advantage to their approch knowing that the Union would have wooden ships. After the Union realized they couldn't win with wooden ships they switched to Ironclads. Significance to the Naval battle was that both sides had took victory and it was a battle for both sides to fight with Ironclads. Repairs for the ship and wounded men stopped the war.
  • Battle at Shiloh

    Battle at Shiloh
    Shiloh was a battle that was fought Tennessee and the Confederates wanted to drive the Union away from the swamp hoping to defeat the army. The South had made success in the First day of the battle but they found that the battle was becoming intense and they retreated leaving the Union to victory. Significancce to the Battle was that the Union had won but they had a total around 23,746 men die. South victory was possible but imense amount of deaths made both sides know the war will last long.
  • 7 Days Campaign

    7 Days Campaign
    Durring the 7 day campaign their were 6 different battles. The Confederates had attacked the Union and they were moved to the Virgina Peninsula. Lee was convinced that he wouldn't win the battle due to the lost of men. Significance was that it was considered a Union Victory. Although it ws a victory the Unoin had missed an opprotunity that they could have made to stop Union had an attack they didn't plan to have and they had won.
  • Antietam

    Antietam is known as the bloodiest one day battle. George B. McClellan fought against Robert E. Lee and that continued to become a battle. It carried on and the Union and the Confederates made the fighiting much more harsh. They fought in a corn field. Significance isn't really decided to this day but the Union's Strategy was used. The Confederates retreated and they gave Lincoln the victory. It lead to more conflict between the two sides/ armies.
  • Emancipation Proclamation Issued

    Emancipation Proclamation Issued
    The Emancipation Proclamton proclaimed that Slavery would have freedom. It was a to free the slaves in South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina; these where the states that freed slaves. Maryland, Delaware, Missouri and Kentucky pro-slave. Significance is that millions of slaves were becoming free. They wouldn't have to think about being owned anymore. Lincoln finally got what he was wishing was issued when he became president.
  • 2nd Battle of Bull Run (or 2nd battle of Manassas)

    2nd Battle of Bull Run (or 2nd battle of Manassas)
    The Confederates wanted to have the Pope's army along with theirs. The had captured the Union's supplies and the pope's line of communication to the D.C. The pope didn't know what to do so he had to do what the South wanted them to do and help the Confederates. Significance was that it was a Confederate Victory. They had captured the pope and make it so that their army would make the South's stronger agaisnt the Union. The 2nd Bull Run battle made up for the 1st's one's disaste-victory.
  • Emancipation Proclamation takes effect

     Emancipation Proclamation takes effect
    Final step into ending slavery in most parts of the United States. It freed many slaves and helped bring them against the Confederates. Significance to the Proclamation that take effect is that the Slaves were freed and not treated horribly and we independant. Most of the slaves were angry at the Confederate so they joined the Union's army.
  • Battle at Chancellorsville

    Battle at Chancellorsville
    Chancellrsville was the battle in which the Norlth was trying to sneak up on the Confederates so they headed towards Fredricksburg but the Confederates figured out their plan ahead of time and drew them near Chancellorsville and that's where they suprised the north and attacked. Lead the Union to shock. Significancce is that the Confederates had won. They were able to have a great stragey that worked for them to lead to victory but they had lost their leader Stonewall Jackson in the battle.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

     Battle of Gettysburg
    Confederates had surrounded the Union and the South then drove the North throught Gettysburg to Cemetery HIll. They ran into each other trying to take over Gettysburg and then a fight broke out. The attack broke out for 3 days. Significance to the Battle of Gettysburg because it turned in favor for the Union. The South surrended and the Union had victory.
    On the down side 51,000 casualties total and was one of the most bloodiest and costliest battles fought.
  • Siege of Vicksburg

    Siege of Vicksburg
    Grant the general of the Union takes over Vicksburg the tower and begins to set up a plan agaisnt the Confederates to have them cut of and unable to communicate. They take over the river making the Confederates split in two. Significance is that the South is unable to make and plans to rebel agaisnt the Union so they unorgaized leading the Union to be able to control them. They are then completley unable to rebel agaisnt them and the Unions are in vicotry.
  • Gettysburg Address

     Gettysburg Address
    A speech made my President Lincoln. It was about how everyone should stride for human equal rights and how the civil war is a struggle that needs to be gone throught. He summarized the consiquences of the Civil war in 10 sentences. He stressed the beggining of America to the results of the Civil War. Significance of the Gettysburg Address is that Lincoln helped define the civil war. He made Gettysburg a burial ground for over 7500 soldiers. He re-caped the freedom of the people.
  • Battle at Chattanooga

    Battle at Chattanooga
    Confederate cut of Union's supplys. The Union had traped a the Confederates and them off the Missionary Ridge. Made a huge success because it gave confidence to the Union for capturing the Confederates and traping them in a smart way. Significance was that it was a Union victory. Gave the Union hope to win the War. It was a turning point to the Civil War because it gave a great statifacotry knowing they could win the war.
  • Ulysses S. Grant takes over the Union Army

    Ulysses S. Grant takes over the Union Army
    Ulysses S. Grant becomes the commander of the army and helps lead the Union to stragies that they come across. Significance to Grant helping the Union is that when the union can have more tips and ideas to being successful it can make the Civil War come to an end much quicker.
  • Sherman captures Atlanta

    Sherman captures Atlanta
    The Union General Sherman captures Atlanta and then starts firing at it. It starts to burn down to the ground and becoming a be battle. Signicicance was that Atlanta was also another major city for the Confederates so it made it a struggle for the South knowing that they don't have another major city that they claimed. Capturing Atlanta helped Union feel proud that they took over a Confederate city.
  • Abraham Lincoln re-elected

    Abraham Lincoln re-elected
    Lincoln was re-elected for lhis 2nd term as president. He also had hope to solve all of the slavery tlhat was being continued in parts of the United States. Slavery wasn't frequenlty solved until the 13th ammendment. Significances was that Lincoln continued to have diffrent views for the United States to stride to excellence. He was a huge impact on how things should work and making great discision about slavery and the war. He changed lots of peoples opinion with his ideas.
  • Sherman begins march to the sea

     Sherman begins march to the sea
    Sherman's army marched throught Georgia and had lead a huge pathway that head to horrible attacks and lead to lots of killing and distructon. Their goal was to control Atlanta Georgia. They ended up with the capture of the Savannah Ports. Their was a significant amount of damange. Significance was that the Union had destoryed a lot of Confederate armies but gained a lot of Georgia. It was the beginning to the end of the Confederates. It was a Union victory.
  • Savannah, GA falls to the Union

    Savannah, GA falls to the Union
    Sherman and his troops had taken over Savannah and took control of the Confederate's major city. It captured all of Gerogia's army. Lost hope for the Confederates and made it harder for them to fight for the victory. Significance was that the Union had control of a major city that belonged to the Confederates. It was a huge victory for the Uniona and made the Confederates very angry and lost hope to many in their army. They were able to use the city to their advantage.
  • 13th Amendment passed

    13th Amendment passed
    The 13th Amendment ment that all slavery was to be banned. It was illegal all around the United States except for Kentucky and Delaware. Significance to the 13th Amendment was that if slavery wasn't allowed more freedom would be for the African Americans and weren't treated in a horrible mannor. The slave owners wouldn't have anyone to do their work so they would have to pay others to do their work.
  • Union Army moves in and occupies Richmond, VA

    Union Army moves in and occupies Richmond, VA
    The Union takes over Richmond Virgina and starts to firing at the City. They are successful and start over power the Confederates. It weakens the ports and cities that the Confederates claim. Significance is that the Union had started to once again fire and start to fight at the Confederates city and become to rebel againsit the South. They take on their cities and start to destroy them. That leads to fury between the to sides and makes tention between both armies.
  • Robert E. Lee surrenders

    Robert E. Lee surrenders
    Robert E. Lee was the known leader for the Confederate. His army had surrendered and that was the final step to the end the CIvil War. There was a battle called Battle of Appomattox Court House and that was where the agreement to stop end the war. The battle was intending for the South to escape from the Union and reach supplies. South tried to leave but was traped. Significance was that it was established that the Civil was over and in the hands of the Union. Slavery was coming to an end.
  • Abraham Lincoln shot and killed

    Abraham Lincoln shot and killed
    Lincoln was shot and killed by John WIlkes Booth on Good Friday. Abraham was making his appearance in Ford's Theatre to watch a play called "Our American Cousin's". Booth knew the play by hearth and so he was planning to kill Lincoln at that momment. He shot them in the back of the head and escaped with others to leave the theatre. Significance was his assasinatoin lead to a huge bitterness between the Northa and South which heled wrap up the Civil war and was a turning point.