Civil War Timeline

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    Civil War Timeline

  • Lincoln elected

    Lincoln elected
    During this election linclon ran against 3 other canidates. They hoped he would be able to lead them through the civil war and win it with them. He served from when he was elected until he got killed in 1865. This was significant ecause he was able to win the civil war for the union.
  • Battle at Fort Sumter

    Battle at Fort Sumter
    Both the Union and the South thought Fort Sumter belonged to them so they had a battle for it. This event was important because Fort Sumter was the start of the Civil War.
  • Union orders blockade of the south

    Union orders blockade of the south
    Part of his plan the the Anaconda Plan. This allowed the Union to close in on the confederate states for 3,500 miles and they were near twelve major cities. During this the Union captured around 500 ships.
  • 1st Battle of Bull Run

    1st Battle of Bull Run
    This is the battle where the confederate thought they would end this early rebellion. This was significant because it was the 1st major land battle.
  • Monitor vs. Virginia naval battle

    Monitor vs. Virginia naval battle
    It was the most important navla battles of the civil war. It was fought for over 2 days. The south wanted to break the union blockade. The significane of this was it was the first meeting of the ironclads in warfare.
  • Battle of Shiloh

    Battle of Shiloh
    When the Union was moving South of tennessee the confederate met the Union in Shiloh. The Union was not ready for this attack. At first thew Union was losing but when more troops for the north showed up they cam back and won. The significance of this ebent is that it shows that the Union is strong and come back even if they are behind.
  • 7 days campaign

    7 days campaign
    This was a series of 6 battles that happened of the 7 days thats how it got its name. The Union started this battle by attacking them. This was significant because each side lost thousands of casualties.
  • 2nd Battle of Bull Run

    2nd Battle of Bull Run
    This Event lasted until August 30th. This battle had a lot more poeple in it than the first battle of Bull Run. There were a lot of stones and rocks were they fought.
  • Battle of Antietam

    Battle of Antietam
    It was the first major battle of the Civil War that took place on the Union's soil. It was also the loodiest single day battle that happened in Amercian History. The significance of this battle is after this war it gave Abraham Lincoln enough confidence to announce the Emancipation Proclamation.
  • Emancipation Proclamation takes effect

    Emancipation Proclamation takes effect
    It is a speech that declares slavery is going to end and on this date it went into affect and said that slavery would end in the rebelling states. This is significant because slavery ended because of this.
  • Battle of Chancellorsville

    Battle of Chancellorsville
    This battle was known as Lee's perfect battle. This was a victory for the Confederate. General Thomas Stonewall Jackson for the Union got hurt due to friendly fire in this battle.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg
    This event lasted until July 3rd. In this event they defeated attacks by Robert E. Lee's Confederate Army. The Battle of Gettysburg was also known as the turning point in the Civil War.
  • Siege of Vicksburg

    Siege of Vicksburg
    It was the final military action in the vicksburg campaign of the american civil war. This was significant because after the Union won this battle they gained control over the Missisippi River and held it throughout the rest of the war.
  • Emancipation Proclamation issued

    Emancipation Proclamation issued
    This said that he wouldvthe emancipation of all slaves in any state of the confederate state. This ended up taking effect except for mthe places where the union had already mostly regained control.
  • Battle of Chattanooga

    Battle of Chattanooga
    In this battle the Union just kept firing at the town. It hit many soldiers and civilians after they were done with church. This made the confederates general Braxton Braggs army leave Chattanooga and move to Georgia.
  • Gettysburg Adress

    Gettysburg Adress
    This was a speech given by president Lincoln. This was one of the most well known speeches in United States history. It was a dedication to all of the people that fought in the battle of Gettysburg. This is significant because he gave the speech in just over 2 minutes and it is now one of the most famous speeches.
  • Grant takes over

    Grant takes over
    Abraham Lincoln made himself in charge of everything. Grant was a general and confronted Robert Lee in a series of battles. With this Robert E. Lee surrenders and Grant takes over. This is significant because with this Grant takes over and Robert Lee surrenders.
  • Sherman captures Atlanta

    Sherman captures Atlanta
    This is a battle where the Union beat the confederate while they were defending the city of Atlanta. This happened during the midle of the campaign. The significance of this was the Union was able to keep there supplies there and they were able to have railroads lead to Atlanta.
  • Lincloln Re-elected

    Lincloln Re-elected
    This election was held during the civil war. Lincoln won by over 400,000 votes. Although he got re elected this didn't last long for him because 6 weeks later he got assasinated. This was significant because Lincoln was the first president to get re-elected since 1832.
  • Sherman begins march to the sea

    Sherman begins march to the sea
    The north captured the cities Atlanta and Savannah. They damaged lots of businesses and civilians property. The significance of this event was the Union destroyed most of the souths capacity wage of war.
  • Savannah Falls

    Savannah Falls
    The Union army captures Savannah Georgia. They created a military barrier that stretched from east to west across the South. This is significant because it slows down and stops the Souths attempt at moving supplies and troops out.
  • 13th amendment passed

    13th amendment passed
    This amendment ruled out slavery and stopped it. It was the first of three reconstruction amenments.
  • Occupy Richmond

    Occupy Richmond
    Union army attacked any times during the winter but could never break through. After 9 months Robert E. Lee was forced to retreat and leave Richmond in the Unions hands.
  • Robert E. Lee Surrenders

    Robert E. Lee Surrenders
    When he surrenders it officially ends the Civil War. He was surrounded with no possible escape on April 8th. On April 9th Robert E. Lee sent a message to Grant granting his willingness to surrender.
  • Lincoln shot and killed

    Lincoln shot and killed
    Lincolnm was shot and killled while watching a performance in Washington D.C. The killers name was John Wilkes Booth. After 12 days of running and hiding John Wilkes Booth was killed. This was significant because The US. just lost there president because someone killed him.