Civil war timeline

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    Civil war timeline

  • Lincon is elected

    Lincon is elected
    The Election of Abe lincoln was big becuase he was the first slavery to fight against president.
  • battle of fort sumter

    battle of fort sumter
    Begins the civil war, And the confederates win
  • Lincoln orders blockade of the south

    Lincoln orders blockade of the south
    By limiting the supplies that the south could intake it made it more difficult for them becuase of lack in supplies
  • 1st battle of bull run

    1st battle of bull run
    The union loses pretty bad and That when Stonewall jackson gets his nickname Stonewall.
  • Monitor vs. Virginia naval battle

    Monitor vs. Virginia naval battle
    First battle to use Iron plated boats (ironclads)
  • battle of shiloh

    battle of shiloh
    Union won but it was a close battle that proved it would be a long war.
  • 2nd Battle of Bull Run

     2nd Battle of Bull Run
    The confederates beat the union and this battle proved that the confederates COULD hold off the Union.
  • Antietam

    Lee tried to capture D.C the unions capital but was stopped by the union.
  • emancipation gets issued

    emancipation gets issued
    A paper saing that if the confederates didn't surrender by Jan 1 all slaves would be freed, this created alot of anger and tension bewtween the north and south
  • Emancipation Proclamation takes effect

    Emancipation Proclamation takes effect
    All slaves are freed and are being recruted to join the army, this is when the war starts to become a big fight for slavery.
  • Battle at Chancellorsville

    Battle at Chancellorsville
    Union is defeated by a much smaller force and stonewall jackson dies.
  • Siege of Vicksburg

    Siege of Vicksburg
    Union takes Vicksburg and is now able to control the mississippi which means they can block some of the transpertation of goods for the south.
  • Chattanooga Campaign

    Chattanooga Campaign
    The union takes all of the confederates out of chattanooga And gives lets them know that they can defeat the rebels.
  • Gettysburg Address

    Gettysburg Address
    This was a 2 minute speech honoring the men that died at Gettysburg. This made the soldiers want to avenge their friends death.
  • grant takes over the union

    grant takes over the union
    As soon as he is made THE gneral he gives a order to take vicksberg. He is like a robert e lee for the north.
  • lincoln re-elected

    lincoln re-elected
    Abe Linconl gets re-elected for his good job before. This is good becuase he already has a good clue of whats going on.
  • sherman takes over atlanta

    sherman takes over atlanta
    Sherman goes and Takes atlanta which was a big railroad stop for the confederates. Now they can control the souths supplies more than they already are.
  • Sherman begins march to the sea

     Sherman begins march to the sea
    He went through Georgia burning down everything 60 miles wide and 300 miles long destroying a lot of confederates and alot of supplies.
  • savannah falls

    savannah falls
    Sherman takes Savannah And takes all down all of Georgias army with him
  • 13th amendment

    13th amendment
    All slaves are officially freed and it changes America entirely
  • Occupy Richman

    Occupy Richman
    Union takes Richman a major confederate city, but the confederates burned all of the supplies within richmond. This was one of the last confederate major cities.
  • Robert E. Lee surrenders

     Robert E. Lee surrenders
  • Abe Licoln is shot and killed

    Abe Licoln is shot and killed
    Abe lincoln is assainated by John wilkes booth. Killed during his 2nd term.