Civil War Timeline

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    Civil War Timeline

  • Abraham Lincoln elected president

    Abraham Lincoln elected president
    Lincoln was elected. South agreed.
  • Battle of Fort Sumpter

    Battle of Fort Sumpter
    The Civil war began. Confederates win, some casualties, no deaths.
  • Lincoln orders blockade of the south

    Lincoln orders blockade of the south
    Lincoln signed a docoment that offically blockade the South. It blocked the ports of the South.
  • 1st Battle of Bull Run

    1st Battle of Bull Run
    It was significant because it was the first major battle of the Civil War.
  • Monitor vs. Virginia naval battle

    Monitor vs. Virginia naval battle
    The naval battle between the Monitor and the Virginia and they used ironclads.
  • Battle of Shiloh

    Battle of Shiloh
    The amount of casulities schocked the public. Both North and Souht had a lot of loses. It was one of the bloodest wars in the civil war.
  • 7 Days Campaign

    7 Days Campaign
    It was 7 days and there was 6 major majors. It was considered a "half defeat" because although they didnt lose much military they lost a lot of their eastam.
  • Antietam

    It was the first major battle in the civil war to take place on Union soil. The significance it is the single deadliest battle every fought by any American army.
  • 2nd Bull Run

    2nd Bull Run
    It was the 2nd bull run in the civil war. The confederates won. It was imporant because of all the staterys the used in that war.
  • Emancipation Proclamation issued

    Emancipation Proclamation issued
    It freed 50,000 slaves and nearly the rest into union armies.
  • Emancipation take effect

    Emancipation take effect
    It freed over 50,000 slaves.
  • Vicksburg

    Was the finial major military action.
  • Chancellorsville

    It was a major battle of the Civil War. The significance It was Lee's most brilliant display of tactical genius.
  • Battle of Gettysburg

    Battle of Gettysburg
    It was a turning point in the war. It was the furthest North the Confederate Army gotten.
  • Gettysburg Address

    Gettysburg Address
    It was a speech that was delived by President Lincoln. It was consided one the most famoust speeches.
  • Chattanooga

    Was a Union victory.
  • Ulysses S. Grant takes over the Union Army

    Ulysses S. Grant takes over the Union Army
    Ulyesses took over the army and then we got control of some of the forts and became president of the North.
  • Lincoln re-elected

    Lincoln re-elected
    He was re-elected because they won the battle of Atlanata.
  • Atlanata

    It was to take down the complex system of the railroad.
  • March to sea

    March to sea
    They hoped they could draw men around Vigina. It was Sherman Marched from Atlanta to Savannah.
  • Savannah Falls

    Savannah Falls
    Sherman's army captured Savannah so now the confederates troops cannot move troops and supplies though the area.
  • 13th Amend.

    13th Amend.
    It is officially abolished and continues to prohibit slavery. It was imporant cause it stopped all slavery around the U.S and kept it from happening again.
  • Occupy Raymond

    Occupy Raymond
    Union soldiers capture the capital of Virginia which was the Confederate capital
  • Lee Surrenders

    Lee Surrenders
    Robert E. Lee surrenders his troops after four bloody years of the Civil War
  • Lincoln Shot

    Lincoln Shot
    Abe Lincoln was assasinated by John Wilkes Booth.